The Marriage of Princess Mako and Kei Komuro Raises Concerns about Princess Kako’s Accelerated Departure from the Imperial Family | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Marriage of Princess Mako and Kei Komuro Raises Concerns about Princess Kako’s Accelerated Departure from the Imperial Family

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Princess Mako and Princess Kako have a reputation as close sisters. Their marriage to Kei Komuro is likely to have a significant impact on the Imperial Family, but…

Finally, on October 26, Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, will marry Kei Komuro. Looking back, a very long time has passed since the unofficial engagement press conference, with many twists and turns.

The unofficial press conference was held in September 2005, and three months later, Shukan Josei reported on Kayo Komuro’s financial troubles, and since then, there has been a fierce media battle.

It can be said that their marriage was consummated after Mako continued to carry out her strong will. She withdrew from the 140 million yen lump-sum payment associated with her withdrawal from the Imperial Family, cancelled all marriage ceremonies, and held a two-shot press conference with Mr. Komuro after she left the Imperial Family. He also announced that he would conduct the ceremony as “Mako Komuro” and that it would be held at an ordinary facility, not at the Imperial Household Agency.

“He and Komuro met at International Christian University in 2012 and later developed into a relationship. Mako’s withdrawal of the lump-sum payment was not a recent development, but was discussed with Prince Akishino, Princess Noriko, and the Director General of the Imperial Household Agency around ’14-’15.

From that time on, he was concerned about receiving a lump sum of over 100 million yen. It was as if he foresaw the backlash from the people…. Declining to receive the lump sum had never been possible before, so it was a novel idea.

Princess Mako approached her marriage with a great deal of determination. On the other hand, her relationship with Prince Akishino and Princess Noriko, who made the final decision not to hold the ceremony, does not seem to be good. Even if they go to the U.S., the couple is expected to live together and not rely on taxes.

On the 7th, “Josei Seven” reported that when the Imperial Household Agency offered to support Mr. Komuro in some way even if he went to the U.S., Mr. Komuro refused, saying, “Please leave me alone. He refused, saying, “Please leave me alone. Is that how much he wants to sever his ties with the Imperial Family and Japan?

There is another concern…

“I believe that Mako will marry someone she loves and live happily ever after. However, the remaining members of the Imperial Family will have a tough time. I’m sure they have a lot of things to worry about, such as what will happen to their own marriages, whether they will have to choose whether or not to receive the lump sum, and whether the coverage will extend to the families of their marriage partners.

In particular, when Princess Kako, Mako’s younger sister, was asked “Do you have a partner? In response to the question, “Do you have a partner?

“Kako, the younger sister of Princess Mako, took a firm stance, saying, “I have no intention of answering any questions regarding this matter, including in the future.

I’m not going to answer any questions about this, including in the future,” he said firmly.

The fact that he said, “I will not answer questions about this, including in the future,” means that he will make an announcement only after his marriage is properly decided. This may have been a decision he made after reading the news reports about his sister, Mako. The fact that she is not answering the question is probably a sign of her desire to refrain from asking questions.

“It is said that Kako, along with Mako, feels the inconveniences of the Imperial Family very much. It is said that Kako and Mako feel the inconvenience of being in the Imperial Household, and that it is difficult for them to go out and have dinner with men as easily as other women their age. After Mako’s marriage, the focus will inevitably be on Kako. The Imperial Household Agency is nervous about the excessive concentration of interest.

There are those who argue that a halt must be put in place at some point to the withdrawal of the female members of the Imperial Family from the Imperial Family following their marriage. But on the other hand, the female members of the Imperial Family may feel that they want to leave the Imperial Family and live freely.

It seems that Mako’s marriage will have a significant impact on the future of the Imperial Family, including the establishment of a female imperial family, a female emperor, and the continuation of official duties after her marriage.

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