Ai Hashimoto’s “super unique appearance” shown in this magazine before “Trako”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ai Hashimoto’s “super unique appearance” shown in this magazine before “Trako”.

Will this be a masterpiece for Hashimoto, who created the best character "Traco" in her third work with Kazuhiko Youkawa? ....

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Hashimoto in Mary Poppins-style costume for the filming of “Trako

Hashimoto Ai (26), who plays the mysterious tutor Trako Nezu, has been attracting attention for her cosplay since the drama “Trako the Tutor” (NTV) began airing on July 20. She also appeared in different costumes and characters in each episode, including an office worker-style suit and a gothic lolita costume reminiscent of Mary Poppins. Viewers commented, “This is the essence of Ai-chan! Tremendous acting ability!” and “Tremendous acting ability!

The drama was written by Kazuhiko Youkawa for three consecutive dramas, following “Sakura in the Same Year” (NTV) in 2019 and “A 35-Year-Old Girl” in 2020. The character that these two have created with their full potential is Trako, so I think Hashimoto will continue to show off her charms to the fullest.” (A person involved in the production of a commercial TV drama)

Hashimoto herself chose the costumes for the drama, but it is not only in the drama that her unique sense of style is on display. This magazine has reported on Hashimoto’s private life many times, and even in her personal life she often shows off her eccentric fashion style.

Wearing a negligee-like dress

The negligee-like fashion looks as if it came straight out of her bedroom, but perhaps because of its eccentricity, passersby didn’t even recognize it as Hashimoto’s.

The most shocking was the negligee-like pink fashion Hashimoto encountered in a residential area in Tokyo in late June 2019. Perhaps because of her overly eccentric appearance in a sexy pink one-piece dress and white beret, no one noticed that the beautiful woman looking for a cab was Hashimoto. Designer Don Konishi (71) praised Hashimoto’s sense of style.

He said, “She is tall and has a mysterious atmosphere with her hair style and padded bangs. He must know his own character. But still, he has this power. I’m here!”

Hashimoto also showed us his unique clothing at every opportunity. We hope you will enjoy the seven transformations.

Playing hide-and-seek in front of a gyoza shop

Spinning around in the street wearing an oversized white shirt and a pink cardigan around her waist.

In January 2020, Hashimoto entered a popular gyoza restaurant in Tokyo that had won a Bib Gourmand in the Michelin Guide with the manager. As soon as they left the restaurant, she skipped around, secretly hiding in a corner of the hourly parking lot, and startled the manager, who came out late, with a whoosh. She looked as innocent as a little girl.

On the street in Shibuya, holding a crepe in each hand.

Hashimoto, dressed in an oversized coat, holding a crepe with both hands as if it were precious.

In April 2021, she entered a galette shop and bought a crepe. His clothes were perfectly normal, but what he headed for after this was a live performance by the cosplay-oriented band “Queen Bee.

Immediately after appearing at a creator discovery event, she was in trendy fashion.

She says that she came from a fashion magazine modeling background and decided on all the costumes for “Trako” by herself.

August 2021, a white shirt, upper-waist jeans, and a black belt. He was anticipating the fashions that will be popular among young people this year.

We are looking forward to seeing her “seven changes” in the drama again.

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