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The TV Industry Is In a State of Panic Over the Copyright Violation Claims of the Former Unification Church

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Miyaneya” has been reporting harshly on the former Unification Church every day. What does Seiji Miyane think of the church’s offer…?

In the future, please do not use any of our copyrighted images or other materials without our permission. Please note that we intend to take legal action against any unauthorized use in spite of this warning.

On July 31, the Family Association for World Peace and Unification (hereinafter referred to as “the former Unification Church”) posted on its official website

The following is an alert to all media organizations regarding the use of copyrighted images in news reports.

The press release, “Dear media organizations, please be aware of the use of copyrighted images in news reports,” was issued on its official website.

We have come to notice that among the video content used by the news media (especially commercial TV programs), there are some news reports that are in clear violation of copyright laws, without obtaining permission to use them from our organization (and the World Headquarters in Korea).

In the future, we will take legal action against any unauthorized use of our content.

Recently, “Information Live Miyaneya” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) and other Unification Church-related news reports have become increasingly heated.

In these programs, past joint weddings and politicians giving speeches at events have been aired. So what kind of copyrighted footage does the Unification Church claim to have? The details are as follows.

PeaceTV, U-ONE News, the official website of the United Church of the Family, the official YouTube page of the United Church of the Family, and other sources.

Incidentally, “PeaceTV” is a medium that has many videos of politicians giving speeches.

How does the media view this alert? One person involved in a wide-ranging TV show said

“The copyright departments of some stations have become so nervous that they have notified the producers of their programs to refrain from using images of the Unification Church,” said a wide-show insider. The in-depth coverage that we are pursuing does not constitute “news quotes,” and if we are sued, we are likely to lose. Therefore, it depends on how well we can interview the people involved and talk with them in the studio without using graphic images of the event.

To be honest, if we cannot use strong images, there is a high possibility that the viewer rating will decline. To tell you the truth, we are not doing this only out of a pure sense of justice, but we are also persistently reporting on the Unification Church because the viewer ratings are doing very well. If the numbers go down, we may be treating them less than we have in the past.

He continues, “But I don’t want to sue them.

However, just by saying, “We’re going to sue you,” TV stations will say, “Yes, we understand. Will TV stations just say, “Yes, we understand, and we won’t use it anymore? Or will it be a game of chicken, where they have to wait and see if other stations have been sued.

The fact that the ratings are so good is a sign that many people are questioning the way the Unification Church is being run.” The reality is that Japanese families have been disrupted by exorbitant donations, and Japanese women have been impoverished by being married off to poor Korean families.

The fact that politicians receive support from such groups is certainly “something worth reporting. The more the public is interested, the more this coverage will continue.

It would be better to avoid the situation where the coverage of the story continues to wane and the “close relationship” between the cult and the politician becomes a “thing that never happened”….

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