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Mako may offer Komuro a ‘huge reward’ in the US entertainment industry

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Mako and Kei Komuro are expected to move to New York by the end of the year.

The X-Day for Princess Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, and Kei Komuro is finally approaching.

The two are scheduled to marry on October 26, after which they are expected to move their living quarters to New York, where Komuro works.

Aside from worrying about the fate of the series of allegations surrounding the Komuro family, what worries me is whether they will be able to live satisfactorily in New York, where the cost of living is higher than in Japan.

Mr. Komuro has already been offered a job at a major law firm in New York. According to some reports, his annual salary for the first year is estimated at 22.5 million yen.

“You might think that would be enough to get by, but companies in the U.S., especially law firms, have frequent turnover of personnel, and more than a third of new hires are cut after about a year.

Law firms in the U.S. are also known for their intense workloads, and in the first year, they have to produce results while sparing no sleep. The person mentioned above said

“The person mentioned above said, “They will only go home to sleep, so they won’t be able to ‘relax as a couple’ for a while. I’m sure they’re both aware of that, but…”

I’m sure you both know that.

One of the companies that may be “targeting” the couple is an American entertainment company.

In September 2008, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan, who had left the British royal family, signed a multi-year contract with Netflix to produce a documentary. The amount has not been disclosed, but according to several U.S. reports, it is said to be as much as $150 million (16 billion yen). It was recently revealed that the first film will be titled “Heart of Invictus (tentative)” and will depict their interaction with Invictus, the Special Olympics for wounded soldiers.

In addition, Prince Henry is currently writing his memoirs. The publisher has already paid about 2.2 billion yen as an advance payment. According to a local writer.

According to a local writer, “Since he has paid such a large sum of money in advance, he is required to ‘reveal secrets. In fact, Prince Henry is under pressure to talk about the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, and to reveal the names of royal family members who “discriminated” against his son, Archie, because of his skin color.

He said.

If you think this is a story from a distant land, you are mistaken. The number of foreign media reports describing Princess Mako and Mr. Komuro as “Japan’s version of Henry and Meghan” is increasing every day, and there is a possibility that several agents are already looking for an opportunity to contact them.

“The fact that Prince Henry and Princess Meghan have agreed to a contract with Netflix and a publishing company is significant. The Japanese imperial family system is highly secretive and mysterious in the eyes of other countries. In the unlikely event that Princess Mako or Mr. Komuro talks about the series of marriages, we can expect an explosion in the number of subscribers.

However, the Imperial Household Agency officials may be on their guard against any “revelations” after the couple’s visit to the United States.

“The agent is well-dressed and smartly spoken. They are not like brokers who are always in the dark. When they make a move, they do it on a yearly basis, thoroughly researching the two people’s preferences, wants, and worries. The rewards are also very different from those in Japan. He may not be as good as Prince Henry and Princess Meghan, but he’s sure to be a millionaire,” said a US-based entertainment writer.

Mako will become an “ordinary person” upon her marriage, but this is only on the surface, and she will still have “special value. In addition to Mako, Mr. Komuro has to take care of the living expenses of his own mother, Kayo, in Japan, and in some cases, he may be swayed by the huge offer.

It seems that the “new anxiety” around the Imperial Family is already smoldering…

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