A direct interview with PORNO GRAFFITTI’s Haruichi Shindou! Separation from wife Kyoko Hasegawa and “suspicion of sugar dating | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A direct interview with PORNO GRAFFITTI’s Haruichi Shindou! Separation from wife Kyoko Hasegawa and “suspicion of sugar dating

He asked a woman he met through a dating app to wear "sexy underwear and high heels.

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She was momentarily flustered when asked directly, but responded politely to the reporter’s questions throughout the interview.

I met him on a dating app called “pagers”. I met him on a dating app called ‘paters,’ and he invited me to dinner right after we matched. …… When I met him, I was surprised to see that he was Seiichi from Porno Graffitti.

Haruichi Shindo (47) of the popular rock band Porno Graffitti has been separated from actress Kyoko Hasegawa (43), whom he married in October 2008. One would think that Shindo would have been heartbroken after his wife left him, but apparently he has been spending his free time as if he were single again.

Aiko (in her 20s), who works as an office worker in Tokyo, told us the following. Aiko says that Shindo asked her to be his daddy.

“The app that Shindo was registered with required men to pay a monthly fee of 10,000 yen or more, and to submit proof of income. Many of the women on the other side use it for ‘papa-katsu’ purposes.”

The profile screen in the app. At one point, Shindo even paid more to become a premium member. In her self-introduction, she says that she drew this portrait herself.

In late April, Shindo appeared in front of Ebisu Station wearing a jersey and a white T-shirt. “He apologized for coming home from the gym, and escorted her to a yakiniku restaurant.

“When I asked him about his music, he was very aggressive. I remember that when I asked him about music, he forcefully switched the subject.

That day, we had dinner and broke up. After that, I continued to receive messages from Mr. Shindo, but about a month after we met, he suddenly contacted me saying, “Aiko-san, do you also have adult skinship in some cases? She contacted me.

I thought it was an invitation to do “papa-katsukake”, so I asked him if he was willing to pay a reward or cab fare. I thought it was an invitation to “do the daddy thing” and asked, “What are the requirements?” He misunderstood, “Do I have to wear sexy underwear and high heels? He misunderstood (laughs). I guess he wasn’t used to using the Papakatsu App itself.

After that, Ako and Shindo never met, but they continued to exchange messages. Then, in July, Aiko finally broke the ice.

When I asked her, “Are you Shindo from Porno Graffitti? When I asked her, she replied, “Please keep it confidential. Please have mercy on my healthy curiosity. I haven’t had any contact with him since then.

An exchange on a dating app. Shindo seemed anxious and repeatedly asked her if she was popular with young girls.

It was reported that Shindo’s bad manners were one of the reasons for their separation, but I wondered if this “daddy activity” was also a factor.

We interviewed Shindo directly.

I can’t talk about it.

“I can’t really talk about it.

I can’t talk about it.” –There are reports that Shindo is doing the “papa activity”.

“No, I don’t. …… Yes.

I can’t talk about that. (Showing the app screen.)

“Yes, it is. Yes, it is. But I’ve posted it on the Internet before.”

You said that the women you like wear sexy underwear and high heels.

“You said that your favorite women wear sexy underwear and high heels. I don’t know what to say, and I don’t think I’m a daddy.

I don’t know what to say, but I don’t have any “daddy activities.” It’s typical of a rocker that he can’t stop playing with love even though he has a wife.

In September of this year, Hasegawa dashes out of the supermarket after finishing her shopping. At that time, he had already left home and was living alone.

From the October 22-29, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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