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Atsushi Tamura: The Effects of the “Affiliation With Kanto Rengo” Revealed in Gaasyy’s Book.

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Atsushi Tamura (left) of “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2” exposed his relationship with Kanto Rengo in a book written by Garcie (right).

The impact may be felt slowly.

The book “Shinaba mo moro tomo” (Death is good for nothing) written by an exposé-style YouTube star, Yoshikazu Azumaya aka Garcy (Gentosha), has become a hot topic of conversation. The first printing of the book was 50,000 copies, which is quite exceptional in this day and age.

The book is radical in its content, as he has been dropping bombshell stories about celebrities on “Gershi-ch,” his YouTube channel that was “banned” (account suspension). Among them, the “relationship” with atsushi Tamura of “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2,” which has been reported on the Internet news, has never been mentioned before.

To put it simply, Jun is Gyasi’s “foster parent. According to the book, Jun introduced various celebrity contacts to Gershie, who in turn introduced himself to beautiful women, creating a “win-win” relationship.

Jun married a former model in 2001. He is now the father of two children. Although what is written in the book is a pre-marital story, it seems as if his past “karma” is now coming back to haunt him.

Jun was originally famous for being one of the most “playful” people in the entertainment industry. In the summer, he would take his junior comedians to the beach to pick up women. They would take women into their cars and seduce them, and Jun was popular because he was funny and talked a lot.

Jun has had affairs with many celebrities, including Nanako Fujisaki, Chisato Sakashita, and “diva” Namie Amuro. He has even been dubbed “the 1,000 man slayer,” a nickname that has been bandied about in the industry, and if one includes Gershie’s attendance, this may not be far off the mark.

The Gershey book also mentions the “relationship” between “Kanto Rengo” and Jun, which according to the book, is a “relationship” between Jun and Kanto Rengo.

According to the book, Jun got into big trouble with a woman who was a member of Kanto Rengo. He was abducted by a car and paid accordingly. Gershie is also appalled by the fact that he “groped” a woman affiliated with the Kanto Rengo not once, but twice, in his book.

The contents of Gershie’s book may not necessarily be true, but the story of Jun and the Kanto Rengo has long been a well-known story in the industry,” Gershie wrote in his book. I have the impression that the Gershey book has finally brought it out into the open. There were various rumors that Jun was harassed by Kanto Rengo officials, that he finally got down on his knees to apologize, and that embarrassing photos were taken of him.

(The same sports paper reporter) However, it is difficult to say whether his “troubles” with the most famous semi-gang in Japan can be dismissed as “a thing of the past.

Jun is an MC for variety shows such as TV Asahi’s “London Hearts,” as well as appearing as a commentator on the information programs “Pop Up! (Kansai Television) as a commentator.

In addition, he is an ambassador for the “Energize Nippon from Small and Medium Enterprises Project” with Atsuko Maeda and Eiji Wentz.

In recent years, Jun has changed his public image by talking about politics and taking an interest in social contribution. But the fact that the incident with Kanto Rengo has come to light, even though it is in the past, may have some impact on his image. Even so, I don’t think many viewers will see it as a problem, saying, “It was a long time ago. I think that Gershie is writing about it with an understanding of the distance between the two.

Looking back, it was February of this year when Gershie was released to the world. While those around him reacted as if they were touching something swollen, only Jun was quick to accept Gershie. In his regular YouTube live broadcast, he launched a dialogue project called “Second Chance,” which Jun clearly stated, “To get Gershie to appear.

It must be Jun’s character to be open with everyone.

We wonder if the “Garcy book” is a foregone conclusion for Jun, or if he will ever talk about it….

  • Photo Afro (atsushi Tamura), from his official channel (Garcy)

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