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Rejecting Local Reporters’ Requests — Why “Papa’s Life” Councilor Kikkawa Continues To Refuse To Hold Press Conferences

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Councilor Kikkawa has refused to appear publicly for a press conference since the uproar (Image: Kyodo News)

My position on this issue is as I have stated in my blog.

On July 29, Takehide Yoshikawa, 40, a member of the House of Representatives, responded in writing as follows. The press club in his hometown of Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, submitted a request to hold a press conference. The document was in response to that request.

Mr. Kikkawa is a figure in the middle of the “Shukan Post” (June 24 issue) scandal, in which he was reported to have allegedly engaged in drunken papa activities with an “18-year-old female university student. According to the report, Mr. Kikkawa had dinner with an “underage girl” over drinks. Afterwards, the two moved together to a luxury hotel, where they stayed for about an hour and a half. In a direct interview with the magazine, the woman told of a graphic exchange in the hotel and of receiving an allowance of 40,000 yen.

In the beginning, Mr. Kikkawa took a strong stance. In response to the “Shukan Post” interview, he stated that he had never given any money to the woman and that he would “make a statement in advance so that the magazine would not publish an article that is not based on fact.

However, the article in the magazine was very detailed. It contained numerous photographs that served as “proof” and specific testimonies from the women. Mr. Kikkawa immediately left the Liberal Democratic Party to which he belonged.

So he is a first-year college student.

Mr. Kikkawa’s nameplate, which was left lying on the floor of the House of Representatives during a recess in June.

Although Kikkawa denied resigning from the Diet, he disappeared from public view for a month and went into “hiding under a cloud. When his lack of accountability drew criticism from within and outside the prefecture, he posted a 5,200-character rebuttal on his blog on July 15. The woman with whom he had dinner was an employee of a “club in Tokyo,” and he wrote of his theory that she was a “college freshman” and “18 years old.

I was told that she was a “college freshman” and “18 years old,” but it is a common practice for women who work in bars not to state their exact age, affiliation, hometown, etc. because they do not want their identities known, etc. (omission) I took it as “I see, so she is a college freshman. (omission).” The reality was that I took it as a sign that she was a first-year college student, and we were just along for the ride.

In other words, the club members accepted that “college girl” and “18 years old” were “settings” at the club and that they were not stating “accurate information.

He further claimed that he had given her 40,000 yen, but not for the purpose of “daddy’s business. He said that he shared a meal with the woman to ‘accompany’ her. After the meal, she suddenly said she was going to take a leave of absence from the club, so he gave her 40,000 yen to ‘make up the salary. He wrote that it was difficult to determine that the woman was underage because she was working at a club where alcohol was served.

Mr. Kikkawa intends to go to court to seek compensation for damages, claiming that there was an illegal act in the “Shukan Post’s” coverage. In his written response to the local press club, which we introduced at the beginning of this report, he wrote his own arguments about the questions he has been asking. For more information on the “clouded” point, see …….

I am not aware of having gone into hiding, especially since the Diet was in session.

What is the reason for not holding a press conference?

We are in the process of preparing to file a lawsuit, and we intend to make our claims clear in court. We decline your request for a press conference.

Will there be an explanation in court that will satisfy the public? Mr. Kikkawa’s qualifications as a member of the Diet are being questioned.

  • Photo: Kyodo News Kyodo News, Jiji Press

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