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Just Like Idols! Korean Women’s Professional Golf “Publicity Model 11” Brilliant Battle

KLPGA selects the "TSUYOKAWA" golfers based on 10,000 fans' votes. They appear not only in the games but also in calendars and New Year's cards!

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Eleven “PR Models” for this season. In addition to the players listed below, there are also Im Hye Jung (21, fifth from right), who is ranked second in the money list, and Song Ga Eun (21, second from right), last year’s tour rookie champion, who is both popular and talented.

This season’s Korean women’s professional golf tournament has been all out of the ordinary. The number of tournaments is the largest in history, with 33 tournaments. The total prize money has also reached a record high, surpassing the 3 billion yen mark.

What makes the Korean women’s professional golf scene even more exciting is the “KLPGA Public Relations Model,” who was selected from approximately 10,000 fan votes in March of this year. The “KLPGA PR Models” were selected from approximately 10,000 fan votes in March of this year. Their role is to promote the KLPGA through calendars, New Year’s cards, and other promotional activities, but there is more to them than just good looks. Kim Myeong-woo, a sportswriter and expert on Korean golf, explains, “The girls’ abilities are real.

The girls have real talent,” said Kim Myung-woo, a sports writer and expert on Korean golf. The most talked-about of them all is Park Min-ji (23), last season’s money queen. Her greatest strength is her high par-on-percentage, and she has shown an impressive performance with three wins in the last eight tournaments from May to July, and she is still ranked No. 1 in the money ranking this season.

There are many more “PR models” who are taking the Tour by storm. Kim recommends Park Hyun-kyung (22), born in 2000, who has a reputation as a next-generation visual queen.

Last year, she garnered a lot of attention when she finished fourth in the money ranking with her putting skills, which were the best among all players. She has a cute smile and a lot of fans. The way she goes around the hole with a large gallery in tow reminds me of Lee Bo-mee (33) at the peak of her career.

Ahn Ji-hyun (23) and Kim Jae-hee (21), both of whom belong to the major beauty company Mediheal, are also noteworthy. Kim, in particular, is a rising star called “Super Rookie” with her 170cm tall model figure and solid skills. In 2008, her first year on the tour, she suddenly won three tournaments in the second division and was crowned the money queen. This season, she is struggling in the first division, but once she gets used to it, she should be able to move up in the rankings,” said Kim.

Other players to watch out for include Heo Da-bin (23), with her cute dimples when she smiles, and Lee Ga-young (22), ranked 6th in the money list, who boasts of her high iron accuracy.

Watching their brilliant play will make your golfing experience even more enjoyable.

Park Min-ji (23) No. 1 in the money ranking

The absolute queen of the money ranking, she has her sights set on the No. 1 ranking for the second year in a row. She has been very consistent this season, finishing in the top 10 eight times in 11 rounds.

Park Min-ji (23) No. 1 in the money ranking

Park Hyun Kyung (22) No. 26 in the money ranking

She has a charming smile with a hint of innocence. She is aiming for a higher ranking with her father, a former professional golfer who also works as her caddie.

Park Hyun-Kyung (22) No. 26 in the money ranking

Kim, Jae Hee (21), 62nd in the money ranking

The main sponsor fee is 30 million yen per year. The contract fee, which is one of the highest in the Korean women’s golf industry, shows the high popularity of the event.

Kim, Jae Hee (21) 62nd in the money ranking

An Ji-hyun (23) 55th in the money ranking

She has achieved consistent results with 10 qualifying rounds in 13 tournaments. If she can improve her irons and putts, she should be able to improve her performance.

Ahn Ji-hyun (23) No. 55 in the money ranking

Lee Ga-Young (22) 6th in the money ranking

After playing for the national team, Lee Ga-Yeon made her professional debut at the age of 19 and has been on an elite path to the top of the money list. This season, she is aiming for her long-sought prize money queen title.

Lee Ga Young (22) 6th in the money ranking

Ho Da-bin (23) 69th in the money list

Heo has yet to win a first division title since his professional debut in 2005. Last season, he recorded two 2nd place finishes in July and August. He is expected to have another good summer season this year.

Ho, Da Bin (23), 69th in the money ranking

From the July 29 and August 5, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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