Osawa Takao’s Macho Physique Is Still in Good Shape–Photo: “Driving His Beloved Car in the City Center | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Osawa Takao’s Macho Physique Is Still in Good Shape–Photo: “Driving His Beloved Car in the City Center

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Toward “Kingdom 2

One evening in late June. A sports car drove through the Roppongi intersection. The car went to a parking space in front of a certain tower apartment building. Getting out in a leisurely motion was Osawa Takao, 54, carrying a sports bag on his 181 cm well-trained body, and he went straight into the condominium.

It was around 5 pm in late June. Osawa gets out of his beloved Bentley at a parking space in a tower apartment building.

The movie “Kingdom 2,” in which Osawa appears, has just started screening. In the previous film, Osawa gained nearly 20 kg and broke new ground in his role as the powerful “Wang Ki” (King Ki). This time, he went into the shoot even more built up than last time. He also said that he lost 10 kg in a month and a half on another job after the shooting of the previous film in order to prepare for the role.

I was overwhelmed by his presence in the last film. He is someone who takes each role seriously and becomes one with the role with his whole being. He takes on not only award-winning masterpieces, but also entertaining roles. I think his main concern is to please the audience,” says columnist Takahiko Kageyama.

It has been 16 years since his divorce in 2006. There have been rumors of numerous love affairs, but Osawa is still single. A few years ago, she once said to married man Kento Kagai (33) on a TV program, “I have my sights set on you,” as if she was hinting that she would remarry. Will we hear good news in the near future?

Unpublished photo of Takao Osawa driving his beloved car through the city center! His macho physique is still in good shape!

From the July 29 and August 5, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Ippei Hara Ippei Hara

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