Nana Katase’s Story of Her Return To Show Business at a Long-Established Major Entertainment Agency | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nana Katase’s Story of Her Return To Show Business at a Long-Established Major Entertainment Agency

It's been 10 months since she left her former agency. Will she finally make a fresh start? .....

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Katase coming out of a convenience store after shopping at the end of June last year.

Nana Katase (40) seems to have taken a step forward in her return to show business.

Last July, Katase’s live-in boyfriend, the president of an IT company, was arrested on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Control Law (possession of cocaine). Katase herself was also raided, and at the end of September, her contract with her former company, Ken-On, was terminated. Although the results of a urine test conducted by the police came back negative, it is said that the reason for the termination was that Katase had failed to properly report the facts to her office, which led to a breakdown in the relationship of trust.

After that, Katase remained confined to her home and remained silent when interviewed by the mass media. Furthermore, when she suddenly opened a YouTube channel at the end of last year, her return to show business was seen as almost hopeless. It was said that she herself had no intention of returning. However, Katase was actually hoping for an early return, and behind the scenes she was using her contacts at major entertainment agencies.

Indeed, while some media reported that Katase was “desperate to return to work,” others reported that a “battle for Katase” was taking place among the major entertainment agencies.

Katase’s talent was said to be one of the best in the entertainment industry. Until just before her contract with KENKEN was terminated, she had a semi-leading role in the drama “Kanojo wa Kireiita” (Fuji Television Network) and was the general host of the information program “Shuichi” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). She was also able to MC variety shows without difficulty. Many entertainment agencies had already recognized her versatility as a talent.

At an early stage, the name of a major agency with a strong music background was mentioned, but it was “A,” a group company of a long-established major entertainment agency, that made a serious move to acquire her. A’ belongs to a big-name singer, a popular actress, and, in fact, an actor who used to be in a relationship with Katase. It is not clear whether the actor was involved in the contract, but it is certain that the agency was concerned about her movements.

When this magazine contacted “A” for an interview, they responded, “We have no contract with Katase at this time. We have no plans to sign a contract with Katase in the future.” The aforementioned reporter continued.

Even if we do sign a contract, I think she will start by appearing in online dramas and movies, not in TV dramas. I think the agency will make a formal announcement when they have decided on the actor.

With her career and abilities as an actor in perfect condition, we look forward to seeing what kind of role she will play in her return to the film industry.

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