Chokoplat’s “Bad Face” Followed by “Money Scraps” on YouTube at its best. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Chokoplat’s “Bad Face” Followed by “Money Scraps” on YouTube at its best.

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“Chocolate Planet” is a comedy duo consisting of Nagata (left) and Matsuo (right) who have been producing a string of hits on YouTube.

The comedy duo “Chocolate Planet” has appeared in commercials for such prestigious companies as McDonald’s, Lawson, Nissin, and Linemusic, and continues to sell like hotcakes. Shohei Nagata and Shun Matsuo are popular not only for their commercials, but also for their variety shows, theater appearances, and YouTube videos, and it is safe to say that they have no blind spots as comedians.

It should be noted that they have continued to score hits on YouTube with their unique content. One of the most popular projects is the “Bad Face Championship,” which simulates a scene in which a criminal appears in front of a camera, and has been viewed more than 8.6 million times. In addition, he has a keen sense of smell and immediately imitates popular figures such as Hiroyuki and Gyasi as parodies,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

(A wide-show insider) Among them, the project “Money no Kuzu” has been attracting even more attention this year. It is a parody of “Money no Tora” (NTV), which had been broadcast since around 2001.

In the original, a challenger with an idea or concept makes a presentation to the president and others to solicit investment. If they could extract the desired amount of money from the president, they would be paid and the investment would be made.

In “Money Scraps,” comedians who are called “scraps” appear and passionately talk about their hopes that seem insurmountable, and try to persuade Mr. Nagata, who plays the role of the president, and others. Hiroshi Yamazoe from “Aiseki-Start” asks for 400,000 yen to buy a boat ticket.

Suzuki Mogura from “KUKI KAIDAN” wanted 1,030,000 yen to buy a single point in a horse race that he was “sure to win,” and the money was agreed upon. Perhaps amused by his recklessness, the number of views has reached 2.5 to 3 million.

A comedian named Yuichi Ohara of “Dambiramucho” appeared in “Money no Kuzu,” which was distributed on July 4. He proposed a product idea for an improved version of “Korokoro,” an adhesive tape that sticks to dust and hair, for the suggested price of 300,000 yen. Nagata and Jiro from “Sissonne” played the roles of the two presidents.

In an early demonstration, sand was rolled with the product, and the word “Chokon-nu” appeared on the surface of the sand where no sand had adhered.

The idea was to make the letters appear by sticking a piece of cellophane tape on the adhesive side of the “korokoro” to create an unattached area. The presentation was about a cleaning product that can also be used for study, whereby multiplication or history problems are printed on it, and the answers appear when it is rolled over.

Mr. Ohara expressed confidence that the product would sell if a company commercialized it, but the proposal was so serious that even Mr. Nagata laughed because it did not sound like a piece of trash. However, when we asked him why he wanted 300,000 yen, he revealed that he was a respectable scab, saying, “I have a good pachinko machine and I want to play it without regard for money. It was a bit of a mess, wasn’t it?”

In the end, the show was “money-accepted” by showing the “scum” as the name of the program implies. In exchange for the idea, they got money for their pachinko game.

In the end, he got the money in exchange for his idea. When it comes to coming up with such a slightly questionabl” yet funny project, there is no one better than Chokopura.

When he was a young comedian, Chokopura’s ability to perform both comedy and manzai was highly esteemed by his peers. However, it was hard for them to get noticed, and they even self-deprecatingly say that their breakthrough came when they did impersonations of IKKO and Motoya Izumi. Now, however, their talents are being put to full use in the field of YouTube. The day is not far off when they will be able to take the world by storm as “comedians” on YouTube,” says a source in the entertainment industry.

Chokopura has been sending out hit projects one after another just like a fish out of water. What kind of “interesting project” will they show us next?

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