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Gaasyy Higashitani’s “Even Junior High School Students Are Exposed” Comment Is a Controversial and Worrisome

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Mr. Yoshikazu Higashitani, who boasted 1.2 million followers on gaasyy-ch, has been banned from YouTube (from his official channel).

It seems that he is not at peace after all.

Yoshikazu Higashitani, a.k.a. “Gaasyy-ch,” an exposé-style YouTube star who ran for the upper house of the Diet as a proportional candidate for the NHK Party and won the election, has been the subject of controversy for his problematic comments.

On July 23, he declared war on the anti-nationals in a live broadcast on Instagram. In the video, he said

I’ll expose the person slandering me even if it’s a junior high school student.

Gaasyy said.

Gaasyy was slandered by a specific person.

I would like to expose the anti-slanderer. I think that will reduce the number of people slandering me.

He then developed his own theory. Through his lawyer, he disclosed the sender’s information.

As a result, it turned out that the sender was a junior high school student. Normally, one would be put off by such a disclosure, but not Gaasyy.

He said, “It’s a junior high school student, so it’s okay, right?”

In his familiar tone, he asked viewers to agree. On the Internet, however, he said

“Junior high school students, indeed…
Are you really going to expose them?”

Gaasyy had previously been involved in the BTS project he had started.

In a previous BTS scam, Gaasyy had made a video in response to a victim who refused to give him her contact information.

“If you don’t accept the settlement, I will expose your name, address, and phone number.”

He was later forced to apologize, but according to a person who knew him at the time, “I heard that the police are working on it.”

There was a rumor that the police were working on it, and he was not in a stable state of mind. I think he became aggressive because he was worried about what would happen if something like this happened.

In the first place, he suddenly launched a YouTube channel in February of this year and started exposing the inside faces of celebrities.

He also started a YouTube channel in February of this year to expose celebrities’ secretive personalities. I’ve attended to them for a long time, but they don’t call me back. I was so angry that I started to say, “There is no mastermind.” He was simply angry.

(The same source).

In light of this, it can be said that Gaasyy’s comment that he would expose his friends even if they were junior high school students also reflects his inner self. In the past month, his YouTube channel, which was generating tens of millions of yen per month, and his clipping channel have been forcibly banned.

Although he has said that he will create his own platform like former U.S. President Donald Trump, no date has been set for the official launch of the platform at this time. Twitter, which had played a role in spreading the message, has also been frozen.

Gaasyy said, “The banning of a YouTube channel with more than 1.2 million subscribers is too painful in terms of the power of transmission and diffusion of information. What Gaasyy was seeking was not money, but influence with the public.”

This, he believed, would ensure his safety. Now that he has lost most of his influence, he must seriously change his mind. I believe that his comment, “Even junior high school students are exposed,” may have been prompted by such concerns.

Nevertheless, Gaasyy is now a member of the upper house of the Diet and in a position to exert a certain degree of influence. He has no intention of returning to Japan from Dubai when the Diet session starts, and he and NHK party leader Takashi Tachibana intend to make a splash.

The general newspapers such as the Yomiuri and Asahi generally ignored the issue. In reality, he is just a member of a minority party. This is true even for the ruling and opposition parties. It is unprecedented for a Diet member not to appear in the House of Representatives, and normally, a “disciplinary committee” would be formed immediately, but at this point, not many Diet members are concerned about Gaasyy handling of the case.

One opposition party lawmaker said, “If we get involved, it will be troublesome, and we have other priorities,” but I think he really meant it. This, on the contrary, would make it difficult for Gaasyy and Tachibana to stand out, which could be a problem for them.

Nevertheless, Gaasyy has been attracting public attention with his surprise moves.  People are wonder what kind of plan he has in mind now?

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