Celebrating Marriage!” Car girl” Chinami Yoshida charmed us with her “too beautiful playing figure”…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating Marriage!” Car girl” Chinami Yoshida charmed us with her “too beautiful playing figure”…!

Yoshida of "Rocco Solare" announced her marriage on July 26. Here is a look back at her career with treasured photos.

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Yoshida smiles as his fellow players play. This was a scene seen many times at the Beijing Olympics.

On July 26th, on the occasion of her 31st birthday, she married Kyosuke Kono, an alpine skiing coach for the All-Japan Ski Federation.

The marriage announcement was made on her Instagram page by Chonami Yoshida, 31, a member of Japan’s national curling team, Rocco Solare. Yoshida plans to continue competing.

Kono-san is a former alpine skier in the same grade as Yoshida. He started skiing competitions in earnest in the 4th grade of elementary school, and when he was a junior in college, he represented Japan in the Asian Games. After that, he continued to compete in the World Cup and showed great promise for the future, but due to a knee injury, he retired from active skiing in 2018. Last season, he was the national head coach of the All Japan Ski Federation Alpine Team, and from the new season he will be the men’s coach of the same team. He has a serious personality and is trusted by the athletes,” said a ski federation official.

The blog was lined with congratulations from his teammates. May the new life of China and her family be wonderful from now on♪,” commented May Fujisawa (31). A curling association official who knows Yoshida well said.

They had been in contact with each other since Kono’s active period, but it was after Kono’s retirement that they developed a dating relationship, as they had both competed around the world. Yoshida is the most considerate person on the team, and she is like a big sister to me. Even at the Beijing Olympics, when she was having a hard time, she would call out to the team members, “Nice! to the team members to inspire them. She is always positive and cheerful. Perhaps it was this aspect of her that attracted Ms. Kono to her.

Yoshida has started a new chapter in her life. We look back on her career up to now, with a focus on the treasured photos from the Beijing Olympics, where she won the silver medal for the first time in history.

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