A 27-Year-Old Woman Drowned in an In-House Affair Saw “Wife’s Strength” and “Hell’s Counterattack | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A 27-Year-Old Woman Drowned in an In-House Affair Saw “Wife’s Strength” and “Hell’s Counterattack

Sanae Kameyama reports on "There is a Reason for Adultery

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What is the overwhelming strength of the “wife’s position”? Report by Sanae Kameyama, who covers adult men and women.

Love” with a married man. After deepening her relationship with her boss at work, she ended up…

I fell in love with my boss at work.

When an affair is exposed, the “saree” side often says, “Marriage is just a piece of paper. Marriages can easily fall apart. On the other hand, the other party to the affair says, “That ‘piece of paper’ is solid. Without the ‘contract’ of marriage, you will be crushed without a moment’s notice.

Karin, 30, says she still shivers with fear when she recalls the “affair” that ended. After graduating from college, she found a job at a medium-sized manufacturer.

27 When I was 27, I fell in love with Mr. Matsuoka, my boss, who had been transferred to my workplace. I thought I shouldn’t, but after seeing him every day and working with him every day, I became emotionally attached to him. My respect for him turned into romantic feelings.”

It was right after she had broken up with a man of the same generation with whom she had been in a relationship for three years. I invited Mr. Matsuoka, my married boss, to dinner. I dared to say lightly, “I was even thinking of getting married, but he dumped me. Please comfort me. With a wry smile, he took me out to dinner, 15 years older than me.

He said, “No, you can’t.” But…

After that, he regularly invited her to dinner. Sometimes she even treated him to a meal as a “thank you”. One time, it was Karin’s “calculation” that she pretended to be drunk and let him into her home where she lived alone. She was in love with him and felt she couldn’t take it any longer. I really wanted to make this person my own.

He said, ‘No,’ but we had a relationship. He said, ‘I can’t make you happy,’ and he also said, ‘My wife is only interested in the children. I don’t know now if it was wrong that I was taken in by his words or if it was wrong that he kept trying to get my interest while making me not get into it.

Married men who fall into adultery often do not try to deal with women head-on and in a holistic way. They keep half their bodies turned backward, in a position to run away at any time. The ironic result of this dishonest attitude is that it makes women want to pursue them.

After we started that kind of relationship, he started coming over to our house about once a week. Sometimes he would stay over on weekdays because his home is far away. But he was always home on weekends. I think family was important to him. Casually, on the weekends, we would have a private LINE I remember that he told me something like, “Don’t do private LINE calls on weekends. I guess he was afraid of my outbursts.”

Although I put the brakes on myself, I was unable to stop my feelings for my wonderful boss. Now that I think about it, maybe he was a “nice” man because he was married and his wife’s love was at stake.

Talking about his family was rather superior.

At the time he had two children, ages 10 and 7. We sometimes talked about our children. She was not particularly offended when he showed her a picture of his younger daughter in a kimono for the Shichigosan Festival. She said that while she wanted him in front of her, she was trying to love everything in the background.

When a friend of mine was having an affair once, she said, ‘I don’t want to hear any of this family stuff. But I wanted to hear about it. I wanted to know everything about him, including his family. I also asked about his wife. I wanted to know how they got to know each other. He told me that they had been friends since school, that they met again about six years after graduation, and that they got married right after that. Whenever I hear such stories, I know his family, but his wife doesn’t even know I exist. I have a closer relationship with him than he does with me. I felt a little superior.

Her heart also responded to a comment he made one day, “My wife and I are just family now. She took it as a sign that he had no male-female relationship with his wife. She was determined that she would charm him with both her mind and her body.

She even uploaded photos that “smelled” of dates with him. For example, when eating at a restaurant, only his hand could be vaguely seen behind the picture of the food. Her friends would tsk tsk her, “Who are you dating? She enjoyed that. He was a person who did not do social networking at all.

The two of them went on a trip that night.

There were situations when she couldn’t see him when she wanted to, but Karin still “endured” the situation. Because I love him. During their one-and-a-half-year relationship, they took two overnight trips together.

I want to get a divorce and get married, but I have responsibilities to my children. He now wants me to wait until the children are grown. I approached him at first, but as we got to know each other, I was happy to see how serious he was.”

It was the day I returned from my second trip. A middle-aged woman was hanging around in front of the elevator at her apartment building. I thought she was someone I had never seen before, but I got on the elevator without further ado. She got on the elevator with me.

She said, “…what?”

When she returned home from a secret trip, dating her boss at work, he was in front of her house… She was 27 years old and experienced the “hellish counterattack” from his wife…. Continue to Part 2: “Wife’s Attacks and His Defenses…The ‘Punishment’ of a Woman Addicted to In-House Infidelity”.

  • Interview and text by Sanae Kameyama

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