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Wife’s Attack and His Protection…The “Punishment” Received by a Woman Drowning in an In-House Affair

Sanae Kameyama, "There is a Reason for Adultery" Report

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A 27-year-old who fell into an adulterous relationship with her boss at work. The wife’s aggression and his defending himself. Her “love” was over.

An unknown woman came on board.

It was the day he returned from his second trip. A woman in her 40s was hanging around in front of the elevator at her apartment. I thought she was someone I had never seen before, but I got on the elevator as it was. She got in with me.

‘I felt like she was trying to kill me. She said in a low voice, ‘You must be Karin, right? I quickly said, ‘No, I’m not.’ I got off at my place of residence, and she followed me. I said, ‘I’m calling the police. and she suddenly pushed me out of the way. I clung to her feet and took one of her shoes from her.

A neighbor heard the commotion and called 110. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance because she had hit her head.

“When I came to, I found him sitting by the bed. It took me a while to figure out what had happened. He looked at me and said one word: ‘I don’t want you to report the damage. Not even a word about whether I was okay. Oh, I understood that it was all about protecting my wife and myself rather than my physical condition.”

She was not injured, returned to work after only one day off, and everyone around her seemed to be unaware of the incident. He, too, was unaware of the incident. A few days later, in an empty conference room during lunch break, he handed her one million yen under the guise of “medical expenses. When I asked him if he meant that he was paying me to keep quiet except for the medical expenses, he said, “Because I caused you trouble.” He did not mention his wife, but just bowed his head and said, “I’m sorry.” I was disappointed that I had fallen in love with such a person. At the same time, he felt the “validity of the marriage certificate” and the “strength of his wife’s position.

He sarcastically said as best he could, “One of us went home barefoot, I guess.”

‘A few days later, I gave him a bag of his wife’s shoes that I had taken from him that day. He glanced inside and said he was sorry. I sarcastically asked him if one of them went home barefoot, and he left without a word.”

The man Karin knew was gone. We had talked so much, hugged so much, and thought we had shared everything…. I felt uneasy. I thought about exposing him to the company, but then I realized that I was putting myself in danger. I didn’t want to lose my job.

She is from a rural area, and her mother lives alone in her hometown. She still had scholarship money to repay. She couldn’t afford to be unemployed.

For the next six months, I thoroughly rebelled against him at work. I had been working very hard up to that point, so it is strange for me to say this, but I had received a certain amount of recognition from the people around me. But because I was such a hard worker, and because I opposed every single thing Mr. Matsuoka said, things became somewhat awkward in the department. I was not happy about it. Perhaps that was a bad thing, because six months later he was transferred to a distant sales office. He seemed to be very preoccupied with his work, so I think he may have been relieved to get the transfer.

Her social networking site, which I hadn’t seen for a while after the turmoil, was pretty much trashed. That was probably also the work of his wife. She said she keenly realized that it is also the strength of a “wife” to choose any means to protect her position.

In a last act of love, she did not report the damage.

I thought, without irony or sarcasm, “It’s amazing that she could be so defensive without even trying to be. I still think about how I would react at work. In the end, I did not file a damage report because there were no serious injuries, but an assault charge can be filed without a complaint. In the meantime, the police contacted me. I thought about him and said, ‘I was not assaulted, I fell by myself during a struggle. That’s the last of my affection.”

She is a mentally strong woman. If she had been a little weaker, it could have been more tragic. Even she went to counseling for a while. Her heart was screaming at the quick flip-flops and attacks by her wife from someone who was really into it.

Still, what sustained her was “my own love for him. She did not want to hate him. If she hated him, she would hate herself for loving him. She still hasn’t touched the million yen that she had at that time.

Love” ends when one of them wakes up.

However, whether single or having an affair, everything that is called “love” ends when one person decides to end it. It is unreasonable, but it is love because it is unreasonable.

Marriage is protected because it is a contract, but love is a mutual feeling. There are no guarantees. .”

Looking back on the months when our bodies and hearts were on fire, there is nothing left now. This may be another characteristic of love. I wonder if the day will ever come when I will be immersed in nothing but beautiful memories.

It is sad that my love turned out like this. I had an affair with a married man, so I guess I deserved it. For the time being, I don’t need to be in love. Right now I am absorbed in my work.”

Karin said with a complicated expression, as if she were crying and smiling.

  • Interview and text Sanae Kameyama

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