Yuko Ogura “resisted” divorce for two and a half years after separation in order to maintain her “mamatare” image. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuko Ogura “resisted” divorce for two and a half years after separation in order to maintain her “mamatare” image.

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Yuko Ogura announced her second divorce. The family reunion did not last long…

Yuko Ogura, a popular “mamatare” TV personality, announced her divorce on July 27. This was her second divorce, having split from a charismatic hairdresser in 2005.

After divorcing her hairdresser husband, Ogura was supported by a dentist, who she has now separated from. It was a difficult time for her, as her eldest son was taking the entrance exam for elementary school, and I often saw him supporting her by taking her to and from kindergarten and cram school.

When he decided to remarry, I thought that YUKORIN had found her happiness.

She remarried on Christmas Day in 2006, the same year that her eldest son successfully passed an extremely difficult elementary school entrance exam. However, the second marriage soon began to fray.

A little over a year after their second marriage, they were reportedly separated. Moreover, Ms. Ogura was pregnant with her third child with her dentist husband.

The public criticized the husband for leaving his wife, who was pregnant with a baby. However, the news of their separation in such a short period of time also caused people to be harsh toward Ms. Ogura.

The first time she divorced, there was a solid reason: her husband was unfaithful to her. Because of this, her image as a top-ranking “mamatare” (mother figure) has not declined as a result of the divorce, but rather her popularity has increased as a single mother who is raising her two children well.

Unlike her previous divorce, this time her husband’s intention to divorce was very strong from the beginning of their separation, as he had lawyers on his side. However, in order to maintain her image as a “mamatare,” Ms. Ogura could not accept a divorce a little over a year after her second marriage.

Of course, both parties probably had various reasons for their divorce. However, she probably wanted to avoid the situation in which her husband ran away from her immediately after her second marriage.

Last year, it was reported that she moved from a high-class apartment in the city center to a house near the dentist where her husband works. She also prepared a room for her husband there, but he never came back.

Around the fall of last year, she began to talk about private topics, such as her separation, on variety shows. Also, I saw a change in her state of mind as she announced her challenge to take the entrance exam to Waseda University.

Many mothers who have taken the entrance exam for their children have called Ms. Ogura “charisma” for having passed the most difficult elementary school entrance exam as a single mother, and Yuko Rin, who is raising three boys while trying her best to pass the university entrance exam, is a one-of-a-kind “mamatare”. I hope she will continue to be active as the one and only “mamatare,” or “mommy celebrity.

A mother is indeed a strong woman.

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