Yuko Ogura’s divorce announcement… Yuko Ogura’s “family photo” from her “lovey-dovey” days. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuko Ogura’s divorce announcement… Yuko Ogura’s “family photo” from her “lovey-dovey” days.

Yuko puts an end to her three-and-a-half-year marriage and concentrates on raising her three children and preparing for entrance exams to Waseda University.

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Although they had only met for two months at this time, they appear to be very much at ease

I am pleased to inform you that we have divorced on July 27, 2022. I will continue to make every effort to raise our child and work, and I hope you will continue to watch over us warmly.

Yuko Ogura (38) updated her Instagram on July 27, announcing that she and Mr. A, a dentist who remarried in December 2018, have divorced.

The two met in June 2018 at a drinking party by a mutual acquaintance.

Ogura married her first husband in 2011 and gave birth to two boys, but while pregnant with her second son, she and her husband had an affair with a junior celebrity, which led to their divorce in 2017. Nevertheless, she had a hit recipe book and was ranked No. 1 in that year’s “2nd Favorite Mom Talent Ranking. At the time, however, she was raising two children as a one-parent operation, and her mom-talent business was so busy that her body and mind were quite exhausted. It was at that time that she met Mr. A, a dentist. Ms. Ogura was rapidly attracted to Mr. A’s earnest personality,” said an acquaintance of Ogura.

It was in August 2006 that this magazine caught a glimpse of the two of them together.

On that day, they came out of Ogura’s house and went to pick up their second son from nursery school in Mr. A’s car. Two hours later, they left the restaurant and went to a supermarket and an ice cream store. On the way, Mr. A carried his eldest son on his shoulders, and they held hands as they entered the apartment, as if they were a real father and son.

They married in December of that year. The following year, Ogura became pregnant with their third child. However, the happiness did not last long. Immediately after the pregnancy was discovered, Mr. A suddenly left their home and filed for divorce with a lawyer. It is said that the reason was because Ogura verbally abused Mr. A. It is also said that Mr. A, who is a civilian, could not stand living in the spotlight of the mass media. At the time, Ogura posted on her SNS, “As a wife supporting her husband, I have not been good enough.

Ogura was somehow trying to prevent the divorce.” However, Mr. A’s feelings remained unchanged, and Ms. Ogura seemed to have made up her mind from an early stage to raise three children on her own” (aforementioned acquaintance).

On the 26th, the day before the divorce was announced, in an interview with “Gendai Business,” Ogura was asked about the “Waseda University entrance exam project” that she is currently undertaking.

She said, “My youngest child is only one year old, and I wonder if I can continue to support my children with just my current job. …. I’m not sure if I can continue to support my children with just my current job. I want to broaden my horizons and expand my possibilities.

She also expressed her determination. As a charismatic mamatare with a one-parent child, she will no doubt continue to expand her activities in the future.

The eldest son was attached to Mr. A and did not let go of his hand even for a moment.
After finishing dinner at a restaurant, the four went to the supermarket. They bought a lot of foodstuffs for Mr. A, perhaps to serve him his favorite dish.
Ogura is raising her children as a one-parent operation, and she is challenging the project to take the entrance exam for Waseda University. She is already moving forward with her next goal.
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