Ai Fukuhara and her ex-husband engage in a “heated exchange of criticism” over the “taking away of their child” issue. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ai Fukuhara and her ex-husband engage in a “heated exchange of criticism” over the “taking away of their child” issue.

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Fukuhara and Jiang announced their marriage in September 2004. They were on good terms at the time. …… (Image: Reuters/Afro)

With his former partner, it looks like it will be a muddled struggle.

Ai Fukuhara, 33, a silver medalist in table tennis at the London Olympics, and her former partner Chiang Hung-Chieh, who divorced last July, are in trouble, criticizing each other bitterly. It all started with a message posted by Jiang, a Taiwanese table tennis player, on July 24.

I don’t understand this behavior of a parent at all. From last night until now, he has not answered my calls or returned my messages. Is this the way to treat a child?

According to a report in Tokyo Sports dated July 26, Fukuhara was visiting Taiwan to see the child she had with Jiang. However, Jiang was furious when Fukuhara took the child out of the country and could not be reached. He was furious when Jiang took the child away and could not be reached, and posted an angry message.

A hoax about his disappearance.

Ehime Yu, Fukuhara’s former coach and close friend, refuted this.

I expressed my understanding of Fukuhara’s feelings as a mother who cannot see her child,” she said. She then countered that Jiang was spreading various one-sided information in order to play the role of a good father. On his SNS, he wrote [Joon] It was the father who kept stopping the mother from taking the child home. (The father is lying by spreading false information about the disappearance of the child, knowing that the child is safe with the mother.

On July 25, Fukuhara himself issued a statement to the Taiwanese media, including “Kagami Shukan,” in which he said that Jiang was lying about taking the child away without permission and not being able to contact him. The content of the statement is as follows

Fukuhara and Jiang have joint custody. Naturally, Fukuhara has access to his children. However, Mr. Jiang frequently refuses to meet with Fukuhara. Fukuhara had no choice but to recommend to Jiang through the Taiwanese court, and on July 23, he was able to see his child.

Fukuhara also announced, “Mr. Jiang has been extraditing the child to Taiwan. Mr. Jiang handed over the children, but due to many obstructions, he called the police to handle the matter… [Mr. Jiang] is aware that I am taking the family to Japan, and I contacted Mr. Jiang immediately upon my arrival in Japan. But Mr. Jiang announced through the media that he had lost contact with me. This is exactly the opposite of Mr. Jiang’s story and has caused quite a commotion in Taiwan.

In a statement released on March 25, Fukuhara, who is said to be living in a luxury Tokyo apartment with the man with whom the affair was reported (the man divorced her after the report), called for the Taiwanese authorities and the judiciary to clarify that Jiang’s attitude “violates child protection regulations. If the two sides’ claims remain unresolved, the ex-couple’s dispute could escalate into a legal battle.

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