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Ayami Nakajo in Her Super Cute Uniform for Her Movie!

Witness! Harikomi24 <Yokohama 14:55

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A park in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai district is crowded with couples on holidays, and one day in late June, nearly 300 men and women of all ages gathered there, even though it was early in the morning. They appeared to be extras for some kind of filming. The one who came to the park was Ayami Nakajo (25), wearing a dark blue uniform. Ryohei Suzuki (39) and “SixTONES” member Jesse (26) were also seen.

Nakajo in a medical staff uniform during the photo shoot. It looked surprisingly good on her slender figure.

The film they were shooting was “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Room.” The drama, which aired last summer on TBS’s Sunday Gekijo and caused a sensation, was to be made into a movie. In addition to Suzuki, who plays the lead role, the cast of the drama version, including Nakajo, Nanao, and Yuriko Ishida, will continue to play the lead roles, and Jesse will join the cast as a new resident doctor,” said a TV station official.

On this day, the crew filmed a tense scene at a disaster site where they were engaged in lifesaving activities. While waiting to start the shooting, the mood was calm, and Nakajo was seen chatting happily with Vietnamese actress Phong Chi (31).

We can expect the movie version to have a hot storyline that will not be defeated by the intense heat.

Unpublished photo of Ayami Nakajo, spotted filming a movie in Yokohama!

From the July 29 and August 5, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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