Suzu Hirose Received Rikka Ihara’s Surprise Gift in Yukata! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Suzu Hirose Received Rikka Ihara’s Surprise Gift in Yukata!

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Suzu Hirose (right) and Rikka Ihara took the stage in yukata. They were having fun filming in a friendly atmosphere.

The two were enjoying the photo shoot in a friendly atmosphere. Isn’t it amazing?

Suzu Hirose repeatedly expressed her amazement at the portrait of herself presented by Rikka Ihara. This was at the Fujifilm Instax “Cheki” new product launch event held in Tokyo on July 7.

Hirose and Ihara took the stage in cool yukata, as it was Tanabata (Star Festival) on that day. Against the backdrop of a star-filled sky, Hirose smiled and said, “This is the second time this year that I’m wearing a yukata, and it kind of makes me excited.”

On the stage, the two challenged the audience to take pictures using “Instax Air,” a new function that allows various effects to be added using AR technology.

As Ihara pointed the camera at them using the function that allows users to take videos, Hirose expressed her Tanabata wish: “I hope I can go to yakiniku with Rikka-chan this year. She also made an additional wish: “I wish to eat sweet potatoes with Rokka-chan.”

“Rokka-chan and Rikka-chan, who are senior and junior members of the same office, have one thing in common: they both love sweet potatoes. “When we meet, I ask, ‘Did you eat the sweet potatoes over there? We used to talk about it a lot. Hirose explained that she also likes grilled meat, to which Ihara nodded in agreement.”

The two are good friends, but on this day there was a surprise for them. As a present to Hirose, who celebrated her birthday last month, Ihara made a surprise video with a QR code printed on a cheki, and also presented Hirose with a portrait she had drawn herself.

Hirose, who had known Ihara’s drawing talent for a long time, was surprised at the degree of perfection of the drawing, saying “Isn’t it amazing?” Ihara said, “I’m so happy to have SNS draw my picture.”

Ihara said, “Every time I draw a picture and post it on SNS, I get a message from Hirose. I was so nervous because it was the best drawing I had ever done. I was the most nervous I’ve ever been when I was drawing, but I’m really glad that she was pleased with my work.”

The portrait took six hours to make. I’m going to sleep with it in my arms! Hirose was thrilled. Even without effects, her sparkling smile is precious!

Suzu Hirose, in a yukata, was thrilled by the surprise!
Suzu Hirose in a yukata, “Isn’t it amazing?!”
Suzu Hirose in a yukata. 
Suzu Hirose in a yukata. 
Suzu Hirose in a yukata. 
  • Photo by Kazuhiko Nakamura

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