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Fans Overjoyed at Riho Yoshioka’s Double Peace Smile!

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Actress Riho Yoshioka posted on her SNS that her stage play “Surume ga Oka wa Hana no Smell” has started. The comments were “I’m rooting for you,” “Hang in there, Riho!” and “I’m worried that you’re so busy that you’ll fall ill!” flooded her account.

Yoshioka smiles with both hands in a peace pose. We look forward to seeing her on stage (from her Instagram @riho_yoshioka).

“Surume ga Oka wa Hana no Smell of Flowers” is a fantasy comedy directed by Udai Iwasaki of the comedy duo Kamomentaru.

Midori En (Riho Yoshioka) is an office worker who wanders into a mysterious world where characters from fairy tales such as Cinderella and Urashima Taro are born. Midori meets Chloe, a girl born to be the heroine of a story called “Princess Surume.” The story of “Princess Surume” becomes confused by Midori’s appearance. The characters are desperate to make the story work. How will the story end? Will Midori be able to return to her original world? (from the official website)

The Tokyo production will run through July 31, followed by performances in Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Kochi, Aichi, and Fukushima.

Yoshioka posted about the stage plat on her Instagram account, wearing a sleeveless outfit and posing in a double peace sign.

She said, “The play starts tomorrow, on the 22nd, without incident! Thank goodness!  The stage will be directed by a comedian, so there will be a lot of laughter. See you at the theater.”

Yoshioka also said that she was “thrilled” during rehearsals for the stage play. What in the world happened!

“I was rehearsing hard day after day. I was wondering if I could do this while doing other work too. I was nervous about whether I could make it or not. I was very nervous, but somehow we made it to the theater. ”

Yoshioka is able to handle any role with ease. No matter how hard it is, every time she brings her best smile and comfort to her fans!

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