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Nanako Matsushima May Appear in a Sequel to “Mita, the Housekeeper”

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Matsushima waits for a car to pick her up at the entrance of NHK after work

In late June, Nanako Matsushima (48) finished her work at NHK and was standing on the porch with a staff member who was seeing her off, waiting for her car to pick her up. She was wearing a brown shirt, pants, and pumps to match her hair color, and carried a green handbag as an accent. The cool smile on her face was eye-catching.

Since her second daughter entered junior high school in 2020, Matsushima has gradually stepped up her entertainment activities. This year, however, she is facing a major turning point in her career. The reason behind this is a sudden change in character.

In a TV drama series “My Neighbor’s Chikara” (TV Asahi) broadcast in January, she played the role of a fortune-telling-loving “Arakankan” woman. Fans are said to be overjoyed by this.

“The “Uber Eats” commercial betrayed Matsushima’s image in a good way, and it was a chance for her to expand her fan base among the younger generation. However, her role in “My Neighbor’s Chikara” was completely different from the roles she has played in the past, with “aged makeup” applied, and many fans were surprised. The ratings were not favorable either,” said a person involved in commercial TV dramas.

Matsushima’s intention may have been to broaden her range as an actor by playing a variety of roles. However, the flop in the drama series has made Matsushima herself think carefully about her future work. The show aired in 2011 with an average viewer rating of 25.2%, and the final episode received a 40.0% rating. The final episode recorded 40.0%. It is a masterpiece that established Matsushima’s image as an actress with a strong acting background.

Nippon TV has approached Matsushima many times about a sequel. However, the image of “Mita, the Housekeeper” was so strong that Matsushima’s side never shook their heads. However, since “My Neighbor’s Chikara,” which attempted to break new ground as an actress, did not do well, she began to show interest in a sequel to “Mita, the Housekeeper.” There are some reports that “Nippon TV is temporarily holding the drama slot in case Matsushima shakes her head,” according to a source close to Nippon TV.

Matsushima’s husband Takashi Sorimachi (47) left “Partners” (TV Asahi), in which he had appeared for seven years, in March of this year. The reason for this was that he wanted to work on his masterpiece while he still can.

Matsushima will turn 49 this year. Looking at the smile on her face, it seems that she has enough energy to work on her masterpiece again, but can she really do it?

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