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Gaasyy-ch Suspended! Higashitani Yoshikazu “Fight Against Google” Begins as a Member of Parliament

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Yoshikazu Higashitani, a.k.a. Gaasy, has finally been blocked from his YouTube channel. (from “Gaasyy-ch”)

Many people may be relieved to hear this.

It has been two weeks since YouTuber and House of Councilors member Yoshikazu Azumaya a.k.a. “Gaasyy” had his YouTube channel Gaasyy-ch frozen.

Takashi Tachibana, leader of the NHK Party, to which Mr. Higashitani belongs, said on his YouTube channel

I knew that this situation would come. I am in no hurry at all. The time has come.

He said, “I am not in a hurry at all.” He also said that he did not know the final reason for the account suspension.

“I’m sad for Gaasyy, but I already expected that the Gaasyy channel will be frozen,” he said simply.

He was also blunt about the reason for the account suspension.

A reporter from the society department of a national newspaper commented on Tachibana’s statement.

I think Tachibana knew from the beginning and let Gaasyy do whatever he wanted to do. The more radical Gaasyy’s comments were, the more attention he attracted, and the more votes he could get.

“If he had been banned before the election, that would have attracted sympathy votes to make sure Gaasyy was elected. Either way, it turned out as Tachibana’s party leader had envisioned, so it can be said that Gaasyy-ch played a vital role. It wouldn’t hurt Mr. Tachibana if Gaasyy account was suspended.”

Gaasyy, whose Twitter account has already been frozen, is still in high spirits. He uses other social networking tools such as “FC2,” “Instagram,” and “TikTok.” Since he can no longer broadcast directly on YouTube, he is using the nearly 500 clips to have his videos clipped and distributed, as well as hacking other channels. The other day, a live stream on Instagram was also broadcasted.

The other day, there was an Instagram live-streaming, and the content was that he did not receive the “gold shield” that was supposed to be given to him by Google, the YouTube management company, as a commemorative gift for his channel’s one millionth subscriber. Gershey was furious.

I was so pissed off that I decided to sell the two silver shields I have. If you want one, please participate in the auction, and I’ll sign it.

He also laughed, saying, “I’m so pissed off, I’m selling two copies of ‘The Silver Shield’.”

He also joined the YouTube channel of Dr. Yasushi Aso of “Tokyo Cosmetic Surgery,” another Gaasyy sympathizer, but there was not much to cover there either, and viewers are beginning to say that Gaasyy is no longer funny.

The reason why Gaasyy has become quiet is that he is afraid that if he continue the expose’ in the same manner as before his account was banned, the accounts of the “shorts” and the account he joined with may also be banned so the “clipping team” was still cautious.

However, even so, the “clipping team’s” channels were banned one after another. Dr. Aso also reported on Twitter that the video of his collaboration with Gaasyy had been deleted. According to the e-mail notification from YouTube that Dr. Aso attached, the video was removed because it violated community guidelines. Specifically, it states

《Instigation to violate the Terms of Use》If you post content that incites other users to violate YouTube’s Terms of Use, your content will be removed and your account will be penalized. In some cases, your account may be suspended.

Posting of Content by Creators Previously Deleted or Suspended or RestrictedContent created by Creators previously deleted or currently restricted for violations of YouTube’s Terms of Service, or suspended under the same Terms of Service, will be removed from the account. If you post content created by a Creator, that content will be removed and your account will be penalized. In some cases, your account may be suspended.

This means that any future collaborations with suspended Gershey accounts will be deemed to be in violation of the “Community Guidelines” and will be in danger of being punished in some way.

In response, Gershey mentioned the deletion of the video on Instagram’s Story feature

Google should be a little better at this, it’s too blatant,” he said.

He said, “Google should be a little better at this, it’s too blatant. In other words, Google is under some kind of pressure to do something, according to a web magazine reporter.

Gershey has said before that the police are trying to ban him, and he seems to think that the account suspension is due to pressure. However, even within YouTube, there was a growing sense of “no good.

Some of the videos could be taken as threats or obstruction of business. Even viewers who are not antagonists who have seen his videos have complained about the way he yells and screams in anger and in a curly tongue.

With his banishment from the Internet and the impossibility of sending out messages, it seemed that “all was not well! But as one would expect from Gershie, he is very persistent. By the end of this month, he will open an online salon, where he plans to resume his exposés.

According to an insta-live broadcast on January 20, he will return to YouTube using a “discarded account” that he solicited from his viewers. According to the story told in an insta-live broadcast on January 20, 1,781 “abandoned accounts” had been collected at that point. Gershey said, “I’m going to do it once a day.

Gyasi said, “I can upload a video once a day and upload it every day for 5 years even if I get banned right away.

Every time he uploads a video, it is deleted and his account is banned, and the process repeats itself every day.

The game will continue for five years, but he is motivated by the fact that “I’m going to show them that if all the ants come together, we can beat a giant elephant! He seems fully motivated.

He began by exposing the celebrities who had attended his meetings, followed by a concentrated attack on Go Ayano, and then, without any end in sight, an all-out war with Rakuten’s Hiroshi Mikitani. And when he became a member of the Diet, it was a guerrilla war with Google. Who would have imagined that when “Gaasyy-Ch” began, things would turn out like this?

But as one might expect, the excitement is not as great as it was at one time. A reporter for a sports newspaper who checks Gaasyy said:

“Even though so many celebrities are named, only a few have been exposed, and none of them have been destroyed. Many people have grown a little tired of it.”

One of the reasons is that, as has been pointed out many times, people unfamiliar to the general public appear frequently. Since only people in the industry would be interested in these people, it is unlikely that the major media would pick up on them.

Gaasyy said that although Gaasyy had a high media viewership, many of them have said they have had enough of it.

Rather than loudly and persistently attacking one person, it would have been more interesting to expose the people named in a straightforward manner, and the accounts would not have been banned. I will be somewhat interested to see what pops up in the future, but I doubt that they will report what he exposed in its entirety.

There have been moves to sue him for defamation, so I think we will be very careful in the future regarding Gaasyy to avoid collateral damage. This will reduce his exposure and influence.

What is interesting is what will happen to Gaasyy now that he is a member of the Diet.

According to party leader Tachibana, not only will Gaasyy not be attending the extraordinary Diet session scheduled to convene on August 3 for the first time, but he will also not be returning to Japan for the rest of his life. He says this is to avoid being arrested. But this is beginning to draw condemnation.

Gyasi’s fans may be fine with it, but many of his constituents are asking, “What does a Diet member think his job is? Since this is unprecedented, there is no telling what will happen in the future.

When he talked with Takafumi Horie on his YouTube channel the other day, he said, “There is 100% chance that Gershwin will not be expelled from the Diet, but then he changed his statement to 99.99%. Even if he were to be expelled, someone else would be moved up, so the NHK Party would have no problems, and I think it would be good for the party to be able to fend off accusations.”

Some people also said they were disappointed that he said he would not return to Japan for fear of arrest.

He had been bragging that he had “nothing to lose and nothing to fear,” but this is not very convincing. The possibility of his arrest is considered low among the people concerned, so it is even more so.

Will he continue to send out revelations from Dubai for a long time? The battle with Google over the next five years will be interesting, but how long will the public’s interest last?

  • Interview and text by Hiroyuki Sasaki (entertainment journalist) Hiroyuki Sasaki (Entertainment Journalist)

    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Hiroyuki Sasaki became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31, reporting numerous scoops during his time at FRIDAY and later working mainly for weekly magazines. Currently also appears on TV and radio as a commentator.

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