Koki, Gokumi’s daughter, and Tasuku…Nisei celebrities “overflowing with aura” of attractiveness | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Koki, Gokumi’s daughter, and Tasuku…Nisei celebrities “overflowing with aura” of attractiveness

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During a break from filming, Shizuka Kudo’s mother and son sat on a bench and talked, while Kōki wore a knit hat and down coat to protect herself from the cold (photo taken this November).

Rin Mizushima (22), daughter of Yuki Saito (55), who has a hit song “Graduation” and a TV drama “Skeban Keisatsu” (Fuji TV), will make her debut as a singer on September 6. Her release will be a cover of her mother’s song “Premonition,” and she is also a notable actress, having appeared in the NHK TV series “Chimudo-don” in May.

Mizushima has released a joyful comment.

I feel deeply blessed to be able to experience various jobs while I am still a rookie. I would be happy if you could get to know a new side of me through the power of expression in singing, which is different from acting.

Mizushima is not the only “second-generation talent” active in the entertainment industry. The daughter of Takuya Kimura (49) and Shizuka Kudo (52), Koki (19) is a model, composer, and actress who has shown a wide range of talent.

Koki is from an international school in Tokyo and speaks fluent English. She also speaks French and Spanish. She also speaks French and Spanish. She has been active overseas, making use of her language skills and international sensibilities. Last March, Estee Lauder, a famous U.S. cosmetics company, appointed her as their global spokesmodel, the first Japanese ever to do so.

Koki is also very popular in China. She appeared in the third episode of the audition program “Souzou Ei 2021” distributed last March, and the fee for her appearance was unbeatable. In China, it is reported that it amounts to 3 million yuan (about 48 million yen) for just one performance. The Chinese entertainment industry is booming at an unprecedented rate, inviting top artists and actors from all over the world with high fees.

His father’s “firecracker incident” caused a great commotion.

In July 2008, Goto Kumiko (left) and Elena Arrigi-Goto’s mother and son (Image: Afro)

Involved in the big commotion was the daughter of Kumiko Goto Kumiko (49), Elena Alesi Goto (25). The trouble started just after 10 p.m. on December 19 last year. A large firecracker was set off and exploded in the architect’s office in Avignon, southern France. Shutters and glass windows were damaged. The firecracker was set off by a world-famous driver.

It was Elena’s father, Jean Alesi, 58. The architect was his brother-in-law, who was in the middle of a divorce settlement with his sister. Surprised by the loud explosion, neighbors note the license plate number of a BMW driving away from the scene. The license plate number revealed that the car belonged to Mr. Allegi’s brother, José Allegi. The next day, Mr. Allegri turned himself in to the police and admitted that he had detonated a large firework he had purchased in Italy.

He had no malice aforethought. The reason for the disturbance was ‘a big joke to surprise my sisters,’ he said. He also revealed that in addition to himself, his son Giuliano, a racer who is also Elena’s brother, and three of his friends were in the car.

The turmoil put Elena’s activities in Japan in jeopardy.

She was scheduled to make her debut as an actress in the Sunday drama “DCU” (TBS) that started in January this year. In December last year, she updated her Instagram page and said, “I am very honored to be able to work with the warm welcome I received from professionals.

However, her father’s troubles dampened her spirits before her debut. Fortunately, the trouble was caused by her father, and it was considered to have nothing to do with Elena, so it did not become a big problem. The father was not involved in the trouble, and the girl’s father was not involved in it. Elena has successfully made her debut as an actress and is now active as a model in various parts of the world,” said an entertainment production official.

It may be impolite to preface these second-generation talents with “daughter of 00” or “son of ▲▲▲” anymore. They are not gaining their popularity by virtue of their parents’ influence.

Akashiya Sanma and IMALU father and son coming out of a high-class yakitori restaurant in Roppongi. Behind them is Akane Osawa, who was also in attendance (photo taken in May 2009).
Matt, son of former Giant Masumi Kuwata, at a party for a select store in Omotesando, Tokyo (photo taken November 2005).
Arata Mackenyu, son of Shinichi Chiba, at a brass band competition in which his younger brother (Gordon Maeda Maeda) participated in high school (photo taken in October 2005).
Tokio Emoto, son of Akira Emoto. His wife gets into the car with actress Mari Iriki (photo taken in May this year).
Hiroki Moriuchi, son of Shinichi Mori and Masako Mori, who also plays in a band under the name Hiro (photo taken in October 2007).
Gordon Maeda attended a brass band competition in Nagoya during his high school years (photo taken in October 2005).
Shota Matsuda, son of Yusaku Matsuda, and his wife Kozue Akimoto coming out of a club in Shibuya. Dazzling in a flamboyant tuxedo and pure white wedding dress (photo taken in September 2006).
Nijiro Murakami, son of Jun Murakami and singer UA. He studied in Canada during his high school years (photo taken in March 2006).
Ryotaro Shimizu, son of Akira Shimizu, playing pachinko after his part-time moving job (photo taken in September 2006).
Momoko Fukuchi, daughter of Sho Aikawa, who became a topic of conversation when she appeared in the NHK TV series “Natsuzora” (photo taken in December 2006).
Yuichi Hanada, son of Takanohana’s boss, poses with his right hand raised, taking a picture of his sister with his smartphone. The person standing with him is a friend of his sister’s. (Photo taken in June 2007)
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