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Members’ contracts terminated… “BTS sister group” shocked by the contents of the “fierce bullying racket

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Le Seraphim,” which has been embroiled in an uproar but is expected to become “BTS’s younger sister group” (Image: Jiji Press)

A girl group that is expected to become the “younger sister group of BTS” has been receiving a shock.

LE SSERAFIM, a six-member girls’ unit belonging to HYBE, the same Korean entertainment production company as BTS, announced on July 20 that one of its members, Garam (16), has been released from her contract. Le Seraphim” just debuted in May of this year. The group is a multinational group whose members include former “IZ*ONE” member Sakira Miyawaki.

Le Seraphim” was off to a great start. Their debut album “FEARLESS” sold about 310,000 copies in its first week of release, the highest ever for a girl group, and their music video has been viewed over 64 million times. The group is one of the most anticipated groups in the Korean entertainment industry. They are a promising group in the Korean entertainment industry.

Le Seraphim” will now be a five-member group after the loss of one member. The background to the uproar that has thrown the unit at the height of its popularity is the “fierce bullying allegations” against Garam, whose contract has been terminated.

In April, an anonymous person, Mr. A, who had attended the same junior high school as Garam, wrote on the Internet that he had been threatened for about a year and was under mental stress, and that he had transferred schools because of the bullying. Garam wrote, ‘If you don’t answer my calls, boo! The office immediately denied the postings.

His office immediately denied the post. They claim that a trouble between friends was distorted and that Garam is a victim. In May, however, Mr. A uploaded a document called “Documentary Evidence. It was titled “School Violence Countermeasures Autonomy Committee Result Report,” and it said, “The assailant is Kim Garam, a student in the third grade of the first year,” according to a sports newspaper reporter in charge of entertainment.

He hit her in the head with a flowerpot.”

Furthermore, Mr. A’s lawyer also releases a statement. The documents must be genuine. Mr. A is suffering further mental anguish because his office has refused to acknowledge the facts. If they do not admit it, they will continue to release the evidence. That an apology should be made. ……

In response to the statement, the office acknowledges that Garam has been punished by the school. On the other hand, they deny that Garam was bullied. They claimed that the trouble started when Mr. A was a jerk to Garam’s best friend, Mr. B.

The claim is that “Garam protested against Mr. A’s insolence. According to the firm, Mr. A took the liberty of photographing Mr. B in his underwear and publishing it on social media. When Garam protested, Mr. A reported to the school committee that he had been bullied. Rumors were spread that “Garam hit his friend on the head with a brick or a flowerpot. Garam was emotionally damaged by the series of disturbances and was forced to suspend his activities.

At one point, his office announced that it would not hesitate to take legal action against the false information. However, as the days passed, it became difficult to verify the information. Considering the mental condition of Garam, who is a minor, the agency decided to terminate the contract. The office released the following comment.

Le Seraphim will continue its activities as a five-member group. We will do our best to support the girls so that they can continue to grow as artists.

A popular Korean girl unit that got off to a good start was hit by an unexpected uproar. Although they have lost one member, we expect their performance to remain the same.

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