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Mr. Garcie Higashitani: YouTube ban is a big miscalculation and behind the bullish statement

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Yoshikazu Azumaya of “gaasyy-ch” whose YouTube channel was “banned” (from his official channel)

The “truth” and “falsehood” of “Garcy,” who was elected to the House of Councillors in the recent election, have come to light.

This month, several videos on the YouTube channel of Yoshikazu Higashitani, a.k.a. “Gurshi,” were reported for invasion of privacy. In a panic, he took down most of his videos and switched to live broadcasting, but on July 13, both his main and sub-channel accounts for “Gaasyy-ch” were banned.

Still, Gershey made bullish statements on Insta-live and elsewhere, declaring that he would create a new platform of his own. However, when the cameras weren’t rolling, his channel was banned, and he lost one of his major sources of income, and he had his head in the sand.

Otherwise, he would not have been upset by the warning on the part of YouTube and immediately deleted the video. The number of subscribers to Gershey’s channel exceeds 1.2 million, a significant number if clipped videos are included. The channel was finally monetized this spring, and monthly revenues are said to be in the tens of millions of yen.

Gershey says that although he has paid off the “BTS scam,” he is still in debt. He said that although Gershie has paid off the “BTS scam,” he still owes a lot of money. Because it was banned, it is not unreasonable to be depressed.

Gyasi’s style, in which he sometimes used his unique Kansai dialect to utter intimidating words, was popular, but people who know him say, “That’s just his character.

But, as a person who knew him said, “That was a character. The real Higashitani is calm and level-headed. He was famous as an attendant, so he is attentive and has a nervous side. He also has a tendency to make assumptions.

He is also very assuming.

Indeed, when he could not get in touch with the victim of the “BTS scam,” Gyasi “exposed” the victim in a video, and later uploaded an apology video. Later, he uploaded an apology video. At this time, Gershey was afraid that the victim would run to the police.

Gershey was afraid that the victim would run to the police, and he was “in a state of anxiety,” according to a person who knows Gershey.

In reality, however, the police had no case against Gershey.

In fact, however, there was no indication that the police were seriously investigating the case involving Gershey. The same is true for the issue of his return to Japan after the Upper House election.

As a “teacher,” Ghasi will be issued a certificate of election and will eventually be obliged to appear before the Diet. However, Ghasi, who lives in Dubai, said

“If I go back to my home country, I may be arrested. I will not return unless I am assured that I will not be arrested.

He would not return unless he was assured that he would not be arrested.

In fact, NHK party leader Takashi Tachibana has stated that Gyasi “will not return to Japan” for a while. The “BTS meeting scam” has already paid its victims. What else is there for the police to do…?

There is also the case of Go Ayano’s office, which was intensively attacked in the video, and the case of the president of the listed company with whom he had a dispute until just before the ban, but these cases should not have resulted in police action. I have a feeling that this is Gershie’s assumption,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

(A former sports reporter) There is a part of him that fears that his life will be threatened. Since the establishment of the channel, Gyasi has moved from place to place, eventually “escaping” to Dubai. Even there, he wears a disguise when he goes out and does not go out alone. In the video, he says

In the video, he says, “If something happens to me…”

In the video, he also takes a precautionary measure by saying, “If something happens to me….

In Japan, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated by Tetsuya Yamagami on July 8. Gyasi was also shocked by the incident.

Despite his strong statements, he believes that the entire society is trying to eliminate him, as his YouTube account has been banned. His mental state is unstable. It is very likely that he will not return home when the parliament starts.”

Garcie recently reported that the number of youtube accounts she recruited via insta-live has now reached “1781. “1 He has embarked on a strategy to distribute videos from 781 accounts. Gershey said.

‘I can stream once a day and upload every day for 5 years even if I get banned right away…’
I’m going to show them that ants can defeat a giant elephant!

But will it really work out that way?

In just a few months, Gyasi has become a top YouTube star and even a member of the Diet. What kind of drama awaits him in the future?

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