The Ioka fight is drawing a lot of attention…! The “Round Girl Costume” that never stops radicalizing! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Ioka fight is drawing a lot of attention…! The “Round Girl Costume” that never stops radicalizing!

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The round girl costumes that were the talk of the town during Kazusho Ioka’s defense on July 13. There are a wide range of variations.

From the white bikini to a small swimsuit, and even a kimono motif. The sexy costumes of the round girls are now attracting a great deal of attention.

The trigger was the July 13 defense of WBO world super flyweight boxing champion Kazusho Ioka (33), who is ranked No. 1 in the world. Ioka won a 3-0 decision against Donnie Nietes (40), the No. 1 ranked boxer in the world, but what made a bigger impact than the fight was the outrageous costumes of the round girls.

The black bikinis and the sexy swimsuits with a lot of exposure were the talk of the town right from the start of the fight,” said Ioka. The “round girls” were trending on Twitter as well. Some of the girls became the center of attention, with the number of followers on social networking sites increasing sevenfold.

The fact that the event was aired on terrestrial television this time became a major topic of conversation, but in fact, the sexy outfits of round girls have become a specialty in the martial arts world. Bikinis are the norm, and there are also swimsuits with extremely revealing parts. Another unique event was the title defense of Naoya Inoue (29) at the end of last year, which was amazing. The unique design, which combined a glittering kimono-like jacket with a high-leg swimsuit, caught the attention of the spectators,” said a sports newspaper reporter in charge of martial arts.

The outfits of the round girls are becoming more and more extreme. The show organizers must be trying to catch the viewers’ attention in every way possible.

The round girls in black bikinis against Ioka attracted a lot of attention. Hina Hada (25, center) has seen her number of followers on Instagram increase sevenfold.
The round girls this time were all beautiful women who had won various contests in the past, including a semi Miss World Japan representative. Their glamorous bodies and cute smiles enlivened the audience.
The “K-1 Girls 2022” were announced at the end of June this year. They charmed the audience with their outstanding style peeking out from their fresh blue outfits.
The “WBO World Super Flyweight Title Match” was held on New Year’s Eve last year, and the beautiful women in white bikinis made a royal appearance. She watched Kazusho Ioka defend his title.
The round girls enlivened the event with their majestic walking between rounds.
At the “WBA/IBF World Bantamweight Title Match” in December 2021 for Naoya Inoue, an unusual design with a kimono motif was unveiled.
There are two patterns of colors, gold and black. His slender legs peeking out from the shimmering costume are beautiful.
Among the many martial arts, shoot boxing is said to have many round girls in sexy outfits. The photo is one from a match in 2018.
Many spectators’ eyes were glued to her transformed swimsuit, which combined a garter belt and a black bikini
At this event, beautiful women who are usually active as race queens, official corporate campaign girls, models, etc. gathered together. They added color to the fierce competition.

You can also check out the sexy costumes of the other round girls at the following website.


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