Fans rejoice! Why Taiwanese cheerleader’s “Office lady style costume” is a big hit! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice! Why Taiwanese cheerleader’s “Office lady style costume” is a big hit!

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Members of the “Rakuten Girls” dance in “office worker-style costumes” (image from “Taiwan Cheer TV”).

Taiwanese cheerleaders’ “office worker-style costumes” are now creating a huge sensation. It all started with a video posted on the Youtube channel “Taiwan Cheer TV” in late June.

It is a performance video of the “Rakuten Girls,” the cheerleaders of Taiwan’s professional baseball team, the Rakuten Monkeys. As the name suggests, this team has been the parent company of the Japanese IT company Rakuten since 19 years. The video of the Rakuten Girls performing in tight white shirts and tight black mini-skirts was very popular, and the comments section was filled with delighted comments from fans such as, “I think the person who came up with this idea is a genius,” and “She is the ideal office lady.

As you know, the popularity of the cheerleaders of Taiwan’s professional baseball teams has been soaring in Japan in recent years.

The reason for this is, of course, Chun-Chun of the Citic Bros. Her outstanding style and cute smile attracted Japanese fans, and she appeared on a morning information program and even graced the cover of “Young Jump” in 2007. Her success drew attention to the cheerleaders of other teams from there, and the number of fans grew.

Currently, Taiwan’s baseball teams are putting on a variety of different styles. They have adopted costumes that resemble high school girls’ uniforms and other revealing styles, such as “belly button baring,” and have introduced new dances such as the “Airplane Dance.

The COVID-19 crisis has also caused serious damage to professional baseball in Taiwan. There was a time when Taiwanese professional baseball introduced no-spectator games, just as Japanese professional baseball did. In order to bring back the spectators who have left the stadium, we are trying to make them enjoy the stadium in ways other than baseball, such as by providing cheerleaders. Furthermore, the baseball teams are aware of the growing popularity of Taiwanese cheerleaders in Japan and other countries. The Rakuten Monkeys, for example, have prepared a Japanese-language website that provides detailed information on how to purchase tickets and merchandise. They are hoping that the cheerleaders will become a hot topic among Japanese Internet users, which will lead to attendance and merchandise sales.

In fact, in the comments section of the aforementioned video, there were some people who said, “I want to watch the games there. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to leave its mark on society, the teams will continue their trial-and-error approach.

The Rakuten Girls perform at a COVID-19 crisis game (photo by Kyodo News).
The Rakuten Girls perform to an empty grandstand (Photo by Kyodo News)
Lin Shan, a popular cheerleader from the Rakuten Monkeys.” She is also known as “the second Chun Chun” (from her Instagram).
Many fans have commented on Lin Shan’s dance video (from her Instagram).
Lin Shan also shows off her daring swimsuit. She is widely popular among female fans (from her Instagram).

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