Fans rejoice at Akiko Kuji’s “too bold white sleeveless outfit! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Akiko Kuji’s “too bold white sleeveless outfit!

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Free announcer Kuji Akiko has been attracting attention for her “too bold white sleeveless shirt” on her Instagram account. She received comments of admiration such as “too cute,” “nice smile,” and “Kujipan saikyo.”

Kuzipan is holding a fluffy Pomeranian. His round eyes are so cute! (From her Instagram @kuji_akiko)

Kuji was born in Iwate Prefecture in 1994. After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, she joined Fuji Television Network in 2017, where she made her mark in her first year as the anchor of the signature program “Kujipan” and became the main anchor of “Mezamashi Saturday” in April 2019. However, after only five years, she gave up on her announcing career and became a freelance announcer in May 2022.

Kuji worked as a model before joining Fuji. While freelance announcers are the standard for station announcers and post-retirement announcers, it seems that her activities are not limited to freelance announcing. Her activities as a model and TV personality are also highly anticipated. She also has 460,000 followers on Instagram and is expected to be active as an influencer.

Kuji reported on her Instagram that her photo was featured in the women’s fashion magazine “Bijin Hyakka.

She said, “I took a photo with this cute doggy for the August issue of ‘#Beautiful Hyakka’ to coordinate one month’s outfits. Fluffy, round eyes. She was everyone’s idol from start to finish.

Kuji was dressed in a summery outfit, including a fresh white sleeveless shirt and polka-dot skirt, and also showed a photo of herself holding a fluffy Pomeranian on her Instagram.

Both the Pomeranian and Kuji …… are just too cute!

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