Why TKO Kimoto, “victim” of investment troubles, is “in line for dismissal”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why TKO Kimoto, “victim” of investment troubles, is “in line for dismissal”?

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The comedy duo “TKO” Kimoto was reported to be in investment trouble. The show in which they appeared regularly has been dropped or terminated…

Takehiro Kimoto of the comedy duo “TKO” is about to be banned from the entertainment industry…

In the background are troubles related to investments. Although it was reported extensively in the July 21 edition of “Sports Nippon,” as of July 19, some online media had reported unusual events concerning Kimoto.

Kimoto has been leaving the Kansai local program she hosts, “Weekend Live Kimoyiri! (KBS Kyoto), a Kansai local program that Kimoto hosts, for two consecutive weeks on July 9 and 16. (KBS Kyoto) for two weeks in a row on the 9th and 16th of this month. (KBS Kyoto) on June 9 and 16.

(KBS Kyoto), he was absent for two weeks in a row on June 9 and 16.

was displayed on the June 19 broadcast of BS11’s “Appli Gakuin! Kimoto’s Twitter updates stopped on June 28.

After that, “Kimoyiri! ended on the 23rd. Aplikkuri Gakuin! is also likely to be replaced by a new program starting in September. This is no joke.

According to a series of reports, Mr. Kimoto encouraged his close friends, junior comedians, and staff to invest in the program and raised a huge amount of money, but suddenly lost contact with the person he had been investing with. The total amount raised is reported to be as much as 500 million yen or 700 million yen, but Mr. Kimoto does not have any of it, and it seems to be unrecoverable,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

There is a possibility that some of this will lead to police action, and if that happens, Kimoto could be one of the key witnesses. According to Sports Nippon, depending on developments

According to Sports Nippon, depending on developments, Shochiku Entertainment may have no choice but to terminate the contract.

The article also carries a comment from a source saying, “Depending on developments, (Shochiku Entertainment) may be forced to cancel the contract.

However, if the above is true, Kimoto is one of the victims who “escaped” from the person who managed his funds. However, the entertainment industry is moving to eliminate Kimoto completely. What does this mean?

It means that there is a high possibility that the case will be closed from now on. And that Shochiku Entertainments, to which he belongs, is dealing with the matter promptly. It is outrageous that one entertainer collects funds from others without permission from the office. Moreover, there have been a number of problems with refunds not being made.

In fact, about a year ago, there was a story that Mr. Kimoto had become enthusiastic about investing and had told his junior comedians about the profits he was making. Eventually, Shochiku Entertainments got wind of it, and “the end” came. If this were allowed to go unchecked, the management responsibility of the office would be questioned, and this could lead to a loss of credibility. There is a strong possibility that he will be dismissed from his job (contract termination).

The full details of the investment have yet to be revealed. It is known that he had recommended a virtual currency game called “STEPN” on TV shows and YouTube videos in the past….

The service allows users to obtain virtual currency by purchasing sneakers digitally and then walking around while activating the app game. However, considering the amount of damage, 500 million yen, it is hard to believe that this is all…” (sports newspaper reporter)

TKO’s partner, Takayuki Kinoshita, left Shochiku Entertainments in March 2008 after reports of power harassment, including throwing plastic bottles at junior comedians. At the time, Kimoto was the subject of much sympathy, but depending on how this incident plays out, he may not be spared from criticism.

It is an unusual situation for an on-air program to be suddenly terminated,” he said. Shochiku Entertainments is ‘confirming the situation,’ but it is believed that they have already informed the program of the risks involved if she continues to appear on the show,” noted a wide-show insider.

A wide-show insider pointed out, “The day he opens his mouth about the uproar is a day of uncertainty. Will the day ever come when he will open up about the uproar?

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