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TKO Takehiro Kimoto “500 Million Yen Investment Trouble” – More Dangerous Than His Partner’s and on the Verge of Retirement

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Comedy duo “TKO” Kimoto (left) reportedly had investment troubles. His partner Kinoshita (right) also left the office due to trouble with a junior colleague…

Comedy duo “TKO” Takehiro Kimoto is reportedly in trouble with an investment of over 500 million yen and has asked to cancel his TV and radio appearances, Sports Nippon reported on March 21.

In addition, “Weekend Live Kimoiri! (KBS Kyoto), in which he appeared regularly, will be cancelled on the 23rd.

Kimoto had collected more than 500 million yen in “investments” from comedians, celebrities, and even staff, but he has lost contact with his partner who was managing the money.

The money was taken away from Mr. Kimoto. The money that escaped from the bank is not in Kimoto-san’s possession, and he is not in a position to return the money. There is a possibility that the police investigation will proceed, and if that happens, his agency will have no choice but to terminate his contract.

TKO has not yet disbanded, but if Kimoto’s investment troubles become an incident, the duo’s resurgence will be even more difficult to predict.

The fact that the office was the first to ask the stations to suspend their appearances before making an announcement shows the seriousness of the situation,” said Tetsuya Watabe of Anjush. The same thing happened with Un-jash’s Ken Watabe’s affair with a multipurpose toilet.

If Mr. Kimoto is unable to refund the 500 million yen or more, he will incur a considerable amount of resentment from people in the industry. There is no denying the possibility of a permanent ban from the entertainment industry.

His partner, Kinoshita, has been described as “Mr. Underrated” on YouTube, but he has appeared on TV several times after the riot. If Kimoto were to become involved in an incident, the duo would be in a lot of trouble together. The duo could break up or Kimoto could retire.

I love Kimoto-san’s investment stories. He once introduced a virtual currency on TV and on his YouTube channel, which is a hot topic because you can earn money just by walking around. He presented it well and the studio was excited, but soon after the broadcast, the virtual currency crashed, and Mr. Kimoto deleted the video.

In that aspect, viewers who believed in Mr. Kimoto may have felt betrayed. However, as in this case, investing directly in cash, rather than teaching stock or virtual currency recommendations, is very suspicious. We cannot deny the possibility that the partner “flew off the handle” in a premeditated manner.

Even if Kimoto was also a victim, those who believed his words and invested in his company would still feel strongly that they had been “betrayed. The full extent of the “money-making” story, in which Kimoto deftly collected more than 500 million yen, must be clarified.

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