Takumi Saito, who is “in great form,” showed “too manly” response to his fans on the night of Tanabata. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takumi Saito, who is “in great form,” showed “too manly” response to his fans on the night of Tanabata.

Takumi Saito, who is doing well in the movie "Shin Ultraman," in which he plays the main character Shinji Kaminaga, is also a very fresh and handsome young man in his private life.

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Saito, after “responding to God,” bought a box of tissues and a paper pack of beverages, and came out as if nothing had happened.

On the evening of July 7, a tall, handsome man appeared at a convenience store in Tokyo. He was actor Takumi Saito (40).

While he was selecting an item in the store, a man approached Saito a short time later. They talked for a while. After a while, Saito left the man and walked out of the store with a shopping bag in his hand. When I approached the man coming out of the store, he was very excited and said, “He was so kind and cool!” He was very excited. The man said he was a fan of Saito’s. “I wanted his autograph,” he said.

I wanted his autograph, so I offered him a pamphlet of “Shin Ultraman” that I had and a magic marker pen and asked him for it. Saito-san was surprised for a moment and said, ‘Oh, you brought a magic marker? He seemed surprised for a moment, but soon replied, “Sure! He then carefully signed the cover with a magic marker, saying, “Oh, by the way, today is Tanabata. I was left impressed by his divine touch!”

The man, who was so elated not only to have his adored Saito’s autograph, but also to be able to talk with him, asked for more.

He was so excited to not only get Saito’s autograph, but also to have a conversation with him, that he asked for more. I asked, ‘Could you take a picture with me? But he turned me down softly, saying, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, my hair is a mess today. But he didn’t look disgusted, he just said he was really sorry. It made me feel sorry for him.

Saito never forgets to show his concern for his fans, even when he is off duty. Saito’s work is also booming, and this year he has been in a number of hit movies, including the film “Shin Ultraman” and the Netflix-produced drama “Hiyama Kentaro’s Pregnancy. This fall, “Goodbye Cruel World,” a crime-entertainment film depicting a war between yakuza and a gang of robbers, is scheduled for release.

Saito-san was famous for occasionally serving customers at his parents’ Western-style restaurant, even after he became popular and busy. He was famous for his smiling attitude toward the women who came to his restaurant to see him. He was also famous for his thoughtfulness on set, and during the filming of the movie “The Blood of the Lone Wolf: Level 2,” he offered sweet potatoes and other sweet treats to actress Nanase Nishino (28) because she was there.

Even so, once the camera rolls, he gives an outstanding performance as a top actor, and he is trusted on set because he rarely gives NG,” said a source close to the entertainment industry.

In terms of roles, Saito often plays eccentric characters like Shinji Kaminaga, the main character in “Shin Ultraman,” who at first glance seems to have no idea what he is thinking, or eccentric, good-looking characters like the con man in a captain’s uniform in the drama “Toako Soyada and Her Three Former Husbands” (Fuji TV). However, the real Saito was and still is a refreshingly good-looking young man.

He was completely unperturbed by a fan’s sudden approach and signed autographs with a smile on his face.
Saito came out of a convenience store after signing autographs for fans. The movie “Shin Ultraman” is doing very well at the box office.
  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi

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