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Korean Golf’s “Sexy Queen” Confesses Her Dream of Joining the First Division Tour

In mid-July, Yoo Hyun-joo gave an interview to a Korean newspaper. What did she really say in the interview? ......

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Yoo Hyun-joo played in the “BC Card Hankyung Ladies Cup. She was also considerate to her fans, smiling at the gallery in between rounds of play.

Korean professional golfer Yoo Hyun-joo (28) is known as the second “sexy queen” after Ahn Shin-hye (31) for her wheat-colored skin that stretches out from her tight clothes and her well-defined eyes. As if to symbolize her popularity, she has about 370,000 followers on Instagram, making her one of the most popular female professional golfers in Korea, and she receives a flood of inquiries about the clothes she wears on her regular golf programs.

This season, she participated in the KLPGA Tour’s “BC Card Hankei Ladies Cup” held at the end of June as a recommended entry. The event attracted a lot of attention as it was her first appearance on the first division tour in about nine months, but she failed to qualify. Currently, she is mainly playing on the second division “Dream Tour,” but she is working on her game every day with the goal of making a return to the first division tour. In an interview with The Dong-A Ilbo last week, she revealed her honest thoughts and feelings, which have been receiving a great deal of attention. What was revealed in the interview was his determination as a professional and his longing to return to the first division tour.

I want to meet many fans on the first division tour next year for sure. The conditions were not good from the beginning of this season, and I had to abandon the tournament twice. Now I am getting back the feeling of my shots and have become more delicate. I will do my best in the remaining matches to make my dream come true.”

Once he picked up a club, he was in match mode. Although she failed to qualify, after the match she expressed her positive response to playing on the first division tour for the first time in a long time.

After playing 10 tournaments on the second division tour this season, he finally got back on track last week when he shot a 67 on the first day and a 71 on the second day to finish in 15th place at 6-under par. As for the areas for improvement, he revealed the following.

I am working on strengthening my approach around the greens and my putting. In particular, I have increased the amount of approach practice. I have also adopted mental training. Until now, when a bad trend came, I often had trouble breaking it. My golf game is often affected by emotions, so I am learning how to control my emotions better.

She is serious about getting back on the first division tour.

I don’t care how people look at me right now. I don’t care how people look at me right now, but I know a lot of fans are rooting for me. I just want to do my best in golf and have fun.

Some say that Yoo Hyun-joo’s brand as a golfer is so strong that she can already earn enough money without playing any tournaments, but she brushed them off, saying, “I want to play golf without regrets. However, she brushed off the suggestion, saying, “I want to play golf without regrets.” Her only goal is to return to the top tour. I look forward to the day when I can leave my mark as a professional golfer and gain attention for my abilities.

  • Reporting and writing Myung-Woo Kim Photo MHN Sports

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