Shohei Ohtani: “It depends on the team” and reveals his feelings… Shohei Ohtani: “Rumored name of team to be transferred to | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shohei Ohtani: “It depends on the team” and reveals his feelings… Shohei Ohtani: “Rumored name of team to be transferred to

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Ohtani relaxes at Dodger Stadium, where the All-Star Game will be held (Image: Sipa USA / Jiji Press Photo)

It depends on what the team does rather than how I feel. (I don’t have any particular plans for things that I can’t influence (by myself). …… I want to do what I can do.”

Shohei Ohtani, 28, of the Angels, who was selected as an All-Star, spoke to the press on July 19 (Japan time) about his feelings regarding the rumored trade.

The Angels’ ownership of Ohtani runs through 23 years. If he does not sign a contract extension, Ohtani will become a free agent after next season. However, according to U.S. media outlets, the Angels will have financial difficulties in signing Ohtani to a major contract, and a trade may occur during this season. Ohtani also told the press, “I’ve talked to my agent about extending my contract.

I haven’t talked to my agent about extending my contract. I’m not in contact with my agent, so I’m leaving it to him. I want to concentrate on the season.

I want to spend a tingly September.”

Ohtani is attached to the Angels, but he also wants to play for a strong team. The Angels have been in a slump this season, losing 12 games in a row, and manager Maddon was fired. In September of last year, Ohtani expressed his dissatisfaction with the team’s slump, saying, “I want to spend a more fun and exciting September [in the postseason].

I’m sure Ohtani would like to play for a team that is competing for a championship. The dismissal of manager Maddon has also had an impact. The previous manager, considering Ohtani’s fatigue, did not allow him to play in the games before and after he pitched as a hitter. Maddon accepted Ohtani’s wishes and had him play in every game.

The Los Angeles Times and other media outlets predicted a 10-year, 53-billion-yen race for Ohtani if he declared himself an FA. The Angels cannot afford to pay that much money. They have eight years left on the contract with Trout, who makes about 4.7 billion yen a year, and four years left with Rendon, who makes about 5 billion yen a year. There is a strong possibility that they will trade Otani rather than sign him to a large contract and prioritize the reinforcement of their pitching staff, which is on the verge of collapse.

If a trade were to become a reality, which team would be the most likely destination? Nachi Tomonari, a sports journalist and expert on the major leagues, makes a prediction.

Nachi Tomonari, a sports journalist and expert on the situation in the Majors, predicts, “The premise is that the Angels have young players who are open to the two-sport approach that Otani wants. No matter how strong the team is, if there is no need, no trade will take place. The most likely candidate is the Mets, who lead the National League East Division.

Their main pitchers, including Scherzer and Carrasco, are in their late 30s and veterans. In order to compete for the world’s No. 1 spot, they will need a young, powerful pitcher like Ohtani. The batting lineup is strong, but there is no strong left-handed hitter, and Otani would be a must-have. They have plenty of money and a strong lineup of players. The Angels have a surplus of young pitchers and fielders who could be regulars on other teams. For the Angels, this is an attractive negotiating partner.

The trade deadline is August 3. All of America is watching to see if Shohei Ohtani will be traded to the Angels.

  • Photo Sipa USA / Jiji Press Photo

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