Misaki Aihara, the “Missing Gladol” reveals her “survival life in the mountains | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Misaki Aihara, the “Missing Gladol” reveals her “survival life in the mountains

G-cup gradol who won "Miss Young Champion" suddenly "disappeared" at the peak of her popularity. She was living in the mountains eating mushrooms, snails, and water striders.

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Aihara enters the mountain with an air of familiarity. He says he developed the ability to survive on his own in his survival life.

I used to eat a lot of creamed amigasa mushrooms,” he said. I made the soup in a bamboo tube with water, dokudami, and salt. I would take off the legs of the water strider and cook them in nectar. Snails were also boiled and eaten. Maybe it was because we were constantly starving, but all the food was delicious.”

Do you remember the G-cup beauty who appeared like a comet in the gravure world 10 years ago? Misaki Aihara (27). Just after winning the Miss Young Champion title at the age of just 17, she suddenly disappeared from the scene. Aihara recalls her disappearance, which caused an uproar among her fans.

At the peak of her popularity at the age of 18, she suddenly went into a mountain retreat. When I put them on my tongue and they became numb, I judged them to be poisonous mushrooms. The insects smelled fishy and tasted bad.

He was hospitalized for two months with a stomach ulcer due to the pressure of work. In order to start a new life, I told the office while I was in the hospital that I was quitting and threw away my cell phone (laughs). After leaving the hospital, I went into the mountains of Izu with only two changes of clothes, a notebook, and the bare minimum of money. I wanted to have the strength to survive on my own, so I got all my food in the mountains.

Survival life alone lasted about three weeks. After leaving the mountain, she worked at various jobs, including a fishmonger and a pet store, before returning to the world of gravure at the age of 22.

She decided to return to the gravure world at the age of 22. “An event I held as purification for my fans was an even bigger success than I had ever imagined,” she told ……. I decided to return to the gravure world at the age of 22, saying, ‘If they need me, I’ll be back.

Currently, she is a member of the gravure art label “SWEET She is currently a member of the gravure art label “SWEET DREAMS. In addition to being a gradol, she also focuses on training younger students based on her own experiences. It seems that the day will soon come when the “Sabaduru” Aihara will make her breakthrough again.

Unpublished cuts from the magazine: Misaki Aihara talks about her fierce survival life as a “mountain hiker
Misaki Aihara talks about her epic “mountain retreat” survival lifestyle.

From theJuly15, 2022issue ofFRIDAY

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