Arrested for the fourth time…Sei Tanaka “forced to go on line to a woman he knew” for illegal drugs. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Arrested for the fourth time…Sei Tanaka “forced to go on line to a woman he knew” for illegal drugs.

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Tanaka, photographed at his restaurant in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. He has an expression that suggests he is mad (from the June 16, 2005 issue of “FRIDAY”).

In fact, this is the fourth time he has been arrested.

On July 20, former “KAT-TUN” member Sei Tanaka, 36, was arrested under the On June 29, a patrol car patrolling near the west exit of Kashiwa Station on the Tobu Line found Tanaka, dressed all in black and wearing a straw hat, acting suspiciously. A physical examination revealed methamphetamine, and he had just been caught red-handed.

At the time of his arrest, Tanaka was in possession of an inhalation device. Plant fragments and suspicious liquids such as dried marijuana and marijuana liquid were also found in his bag. A subsequent urine test was positive for methamphetamine. Tanaka stated that he had the marijuana for his own use, so he was arrested for the fourth time on suspicion of methamphetamine use.

Tanaka was first arrested in May 2005 for violation of the Marijuana Control Law. He was found to be in possession of approximately 0.164 grams of methamphetamine at a business hotel in Nagoya City in February of this year, resulting in his second arrest.

After being released on bail in March, Tanaka made an auspicious statement on his YouTube page, saying, “No matter what the reason, the fact that I did something I shouldn’t have done should never be forgiven,” and “I will bear it properly and make amends.

At the trial, he apologized, saying, “For the sake of my family and those who support me, I will never be involved in illegal drugs in the future. There was a scene in which he bowed deeply to the presiding judge. The judge said, “I want to believe in your word that you will never touch drugs again,” and handed down a relatively light sentence despite his repeated arrests. The sentence was one year and eight months in prison, less than the two years sought by the prosecution, and he was given a three-year suspended sentence.

The graphic testimony of an acquaintance

A line in which Tanaka is believed to have requested drugs from an acquaintance in 2005, with “vegetables” being a cloak for marijuana and “bicycle” being a cloak for cocaine.

However, Tanaka continued to commit crimes and betrayed the “parental love” of the presiding judge. Tanaka had long been rumored to have used illegal drugs. FRIDAY” (June 23, 2005 issue) carried a graphic testimony from Mr. A, a restaurant manager who knows Tanaka well. I would like to quote him again.

One of Sei’s sex friends (friends for sexual intercourse) once asked me for advice, saying, ‘He is forcing me to buy drugs. She met Saint about five years ago (from that time), and she told you that he would contact her several times a week urging her to buy drugs.

Mr. A speculates that Tanaka may have been afraid of being traced back to him, so he had the woman contact the drug dealer.

Mr. A continued, “Sei was having the women buy all kinds of illegal drugs. Whenever he asked women to buy drugs, he always used cloak-and-dagger words. Marijuana is ‘vegetable,’ and cocaine, which is highly addictive, is ‘chari. (The ‘Gomeo’ that appears on the screen (of the line) is a kind of hallucinogen called ‘Gomeo Dipto,’ which is called the ‘ultimate aphrodisiac’ because it abnormally increases sexual sensation.

Tanaka is a suspect who could not break the temptation of illegal drugs. The video and his remorseful speech during the trial are sleazy.

A message sent by Tanaka to a female acquaintance. A series of cloaked words for drugs.

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