Takehiro Yoshikawa Takeru, a member of the Diet, responds to the “papa activity report” on his blog, but says that “running away from shame” is unforgivable. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takehiro Yoshikawa Takeru, a member of the Diet, responds to the “papa activity report” on his blog, but says that “running away from shame” is unforgivable.

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Takehiro Yoshikawa Takeru, a member of the House of Representatives, has been missing since his “daddy’s life” scandal. He refuted it on his blog, but…

Takehiro Yoshikawa, a member of the House of Representatives who has left the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), responded to the “underage daddying” scandal reported by Post Seven in June by writing a lengthy blog entry of over 5,000 words.

To review the contents of the article, Takehiro Kikkawa shared a meal with an 18-year-old female university student at a private yakiniku restaurant in Shiodome, and after learning her age, he asked her, “Can I have a drink? After learning her age, he asked her, “Can you drink alcohol? He added

I’m interested in 18-year-olds.
I’m interested in 18-year-olds.

He also said, “I’m interested in 18-year-olds. He gave the woman 40,000 yen, and after the yakiniku, the two were photographed heading to a luxury hotel in Odaiba.

According to Mr. Kikkawa, “The woman was working at a club that involved drinking, so I didn’t think she was underage, and I thought the ‘first-year college student’ thing was a ‘setup. She explained that she thought her being a “first-year college student” was a “setup.

He said that he had accompanied the woman to the yakiniku restaurant that day before going to work, and that he had originally intended to go to the woman’s club with her after dinner. However, he claims that he gave the woman 40,000 yen, more than the cost of one day’s work at the club, because she said she was going to take the day off from work.

(A wide-angle source) Mr. Kikkawa has repeatedly tried to contact the woman to confirm her age, but has been unable to reach her.

He also pointed out that the yakiniku restaurant was a completely private room of the type that also had a door, and he could only assume that the woman was recording the event. The reporter’s presence in front of the door would have aroused the suspicion of the waiter, and he argued that the woman conspired with the Post to create a “match pump” to trap him. He said he would ask a lawyer to verify her age through defamation of character.

In the first place,” he said, “Mr. Kikkawa has a wife and two daughters, both in their teens. Both of his daughters are in their teens, and the oldest daughter is believed to be in high school. It would be inexplicably inappropriate to pay 40,000 yen to a woman not much older than his daughters and then go to a hotel after drinking.

What do the daughters think when they see their father frantically refuting the allegations on his blog? Moreover, the fact that “we can only assume that the conversation was recorded” is like saying that the content of the conversation was “correct. There is no room for refutation, and many voters may feel that he should resign from the Diet.

In the blog, he says that he is “in on it” with the Post because he was photographed in Odaiba, where he took a cab ahead of time, but there is no mention of a hotel. Naturally, there is no explanation of what happened inside the hotel.

Although Mr. Kikkawa is still hiding in the shadows, he has not resigned from the Diet, and in June he was paid a total of 4.89 million yen, including approximately 1.03 million yen in annual expenses, 1 million yen in monthly “old correspondence expenses” that do not require receipts, and a year-end allowance of 2.86 million yen. However, no explanation has ever been given as to why this was the case.

But why did he post this information on his blog now, when he had never explained it to us before?

He probably kept quiet so as not to cause any trouble for his old LDP party until after the Upper House election. Mr. Kishida is a favorite of Mr. Kikkawa, and his pamphlet called him an “ace” and endorsed him.

The LDP may be more or less exposed to the winds of trouble if Mr. Kikkawa speaks out during the election. Then there is the fact that former Prime Minister Abe is dead. But there is no possibility that the LDP is directing those things…” (Political journalist)

But before we start screaming that he was framed by a woman and a weekly magazine, let us not forget that he was elected by the LDP on a “proportional” basis.

If he is making so much money just by hiding behind a cloud, it must be tempting for him to justify himself and hang on to his seat as a Diet member. That is why I urge Mr. Kikkawa to hold a press conference, not a blog, to answer questions and answers from the press.

Never let the scandal fade away. The drama “Escape is Shameful but Useful” was a hit, but only a representative elected by the public can be shamed for running away.

One wonders what Mr. Kikkawa thinks of his “accountability” to the public and voters…

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