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Prohibited items” announced in “Ametalk” special memorial program for Mr. Ueshima

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The three members of the Ostrich Club interviewed by this magazine in ’14. They showed their signature pose of “Ya! pose.

It has already been two months since the death of Ryubei Ueshima (61 years old) of the “Ostrich Club. Although the 49th memorial service has been held, Katsuhiro Higo (59) and Jimon Terakado (59) have yet to return to variety shows. Their return to variety shows is scheduled for July 19 at 8 p.m. on “Ametalk! (TV Asahi) on July 19 at 8 pm. The program, titled “Let’s think about Ostrich Club,” is said to be a memorial service for Ueshima and a plan to encourage Higo and Terakado’s return to variety shows.

The recording took place at the beginning of July. The recording took place at the beginning of July. Tetsuro Degawa (58), a reaction comedian like Ueshima, and Teruyuki Tsuchida (49) and Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (48), members of “Ryuhei Kai” who admired Ueshima, participated in the event. The recording proceeded in a friendly atmosphere from start to finish. Rino Sashihara (29), a junior member of the “Ostrich Club” office, was chosen as the female guest, both because she is a junior member of the “Ostrich Club” office and because she can read the air and make comments. It seems that they have assembled a group of well-trained comedians who can handle a theme that might be too serious, not to mention the depth of their interaction with Mr. Ueshima” (source from TV Asahi).

Higo in early May. He was participating in the filming of a drama in which the three of them had appeared together after Ueshima’s death, but his face showed signs of fatigue.

The members who appeared on the program were regulars. The members who appeared on the program were regulars, and it seemed safe to record with the familiar staff and performers, but in fact, the script prepared by the program included a “prohibition” against certain things.

The script for this project included a talk session in which the participants would talk about “things that I want to talk about. In the script for that part of the talk, there was a note that said, ‘You can talk about whatever you want, but please do not talk about the cause of death or anything too inappropriate within the bounds of common sense.

What was the intention behind this? A person involved in entertainment production continues.

The relationship between Mr. Ueshima and the junior members of the Ryuheikai can be summed up in one word: “Rude. When Ariyoshi said, ‘Well, no one laughs at the kissing part (of the Ostrich Club’s signature joke) anymore in this day and age, but ……,’ I said to him, ‘Oi! Ueshima replied, “Don’t say such a thing so casually. Such exchanges were a characteristic feature of the show. In this episode as well, I think they feared that some viewers might think that they were really making fun of Ueshima-san if they heard such a “loving teasing” comment from a junior member of the group. Furthermore, this was a “memorial special” for Mr. Ueshima, so to speak. I think the intention was to avoid the outburst of comments that were on the edge of compliance, as the performers were trying to make the program as lively as possible. I think that’s what they were trying to do.

In any case, two months have passed since the shocking incident, and this special program can be said to be a project that can finally cheer up the fans. There is no doubt that “Let’s Think About Ostrich Club” will be a “god episode.

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