Sanyutei Enraku’s battle with a stroke is whispered to be the “biggest crisis” of “Laugh Spot. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sanyutei Enraku’s battle with a stroke is whispered to be the “biggest crisis” of “Laugh Spot.

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Sanyutei Enraku suffered a stroke in January of this year and has been battling the disease. He was shown on “Laughing Point,” but…

The audience could not hide their bewilderment at the change in his mood.

A recent photo of rakugo storyteller Sanyutei Enraku, who suffered a stroke in January of this year and has been battling the disease, was shown on “Laugh Point.

At the end of the July 17 broadcast of Nippon Television’s “Laugh Spot,” a message was displayed that read, “Enraku is practicing for his comeback,” and Enraku appeared sitting on a chair. Toward his comeback.

I’m almost there, yes. I do rakugo by myself, so I can handle it.

He continued, “I’ll be able to handle it. He continued.

I’m the best rakugo performer among the Laugh-In members. I’ll send the audience home satisfied. (Shota, you’ll be waiting for me with your head in the sand!

He declared. However, his appearance was different from his previous “shiny black” impression, and at worst, he seemed to have lost some of his skin. On the Internet, some people said

I’m surprised at the change in her mood.
I wonder if she can really come back. I’m worried.

I wonder if he can really come back.

Enraku announced in January that he had suffered a stroke, but was discharged from the hospital in May. Since then, he has been working hard on his rehabilitation. According to a source at a TV station

“Because he had a stroke, he will inevitably have problems with his articulation and memory. Enraku, as a comical storyteller, cannot afford to look so bad, so he has been practicing hard day after day.

His progress seems to be going well, but he must continue his rehabilitation. In that respect, he will have to lead a hard life.

He said.

Nippon TV is also waiting impatiently for Enraku’s return. The reason is that the show’s viewer ratings are about to enter the “danger zone” after Enraku’s absence.

It was in May 2004 that Shota Harufutei was selected to replace Utamaru Katsura as the fifth host of the show. Since then, the ratings have steadily declined over the years, and in the absence of Marugaku, the ratings are now on the verge of falling below 10%.

This clearly shows that the show is Marugaku’s show. In the past, there have been reports of infidelity, but his fan base has never decreased. He is a superstar of the rakugo world, after all.

On April 1, ’18, Maraku-san once hosted Laughing Point as an April Fool’s Day project, and the number was nearly 20%. It is only natural that Nippon TV would wish for his return as soon as possible.

Conversely, if Enraku’s absence continues, “discontinuation” of the show is likely, no matter how famous it may be.

The audience for “Laughing Point” is generally composed of elderly men and women. Even if they watch the commercials, it is difficult for them to buy the show, and the stations and sponsors are struggling with the situation.

Until now, they have been able to get by with the golden sign “Laugh-In,” but they cannot rest on their laurels in these days of TV recession. According to a person from another station, “If it weren’t for ‘Laughing Point,’ the program would have been canceled long ago.

The program that earned the highest viewer rating this year was the January 30 broadcast with 17.7%. It was right after Enraku was reported to be re-hospitalized with a stroke.

On the other hand, the program has recently taken the strategy of appointing a hot young rakugo storyteller as a member of the rakugo comedy troupe, but this has completely backfired. The June 26 episode, in which the “World Famous Nabeatsu” Katsura Sanshi appeared, came perilously close to recording an 11.2% rating.

The elderly don’t know most of the younger rakugo performers. They want to see the familiar members. In a sense, the survival of Laughing Point depends on whether or not Enraku will come back.

says a reporter from a sports newspaper. Enraku has a big burden to bear.

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