The “Extreme Costume Round Girl,” more conspicuous than Kazusho Ioka, will not be seen on terrestrial TV any more. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Extreme Costume Round Girl,” more conspicuous than Kazusho Ioka, will not be seen on terrestrial TV any more.

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Kazusho Ioka successfully defended his WBO super flyweight title for the fifth time. Just as important, the round girl’s “extreme costume” became the talk of the town…

I didn’t know you had it in you…”

A senior executive of an entertainment production company couldn’t help but groan.

On July 13, at the Ota-ku Sogo Gymnasium in Tokyo, WBO world super flyweight champion Kazusho Ioka and Donnie Nietes, ranked No. 1 in the world, fought to a 3-0 decision. Ioka won by a 3-0 decision. The match was broadcast live in prime time on TBS, and the eyes of the audience were focused on the round girls in the ring.

The black bikini she was wearing was very revealing. When the girls were shown looking at the Hinomaru (Japanese flag) with their backs to the camera during the playing of the national anthem, people on social networking sites commented

This is not good.

I’d rather look at that than at Ioka.

The girls’ backs were shown with their backs to the camera as they gazed at the rising sun flag. In today’s TV world, where stricter compliance is the norm, this kind of costume is considered “impossible.


The impact was greater than expected.

Even after the broadcast ended, the excitement continued to build. The social networking sites of Hina Hada, Saki Yamato, and Popo Hinano, who served as round girls this time, attracted a lot of attention and became Internet news. A senior executive of an entertainment production company commented on the results.

Regardless of the pros and cons, the response has been tremendous. The demand for race queens and campaign girls has been decreasing for the past few years, and a lot of girls have been quitting the industry. It’s hard to make a living.

But with this broadcast, they have come back to life again. I have heard that there is no end to the number of requests from production companies to use our girls in their campaigns.

I heard that there is no end to the number of sales calls from production companies asking for the use of our girls.

On the other hand, boxing people have been saying that the extreme costumes are


“Couldn’t they have done something about it?

and from viewers with children

“It shouldn’t be on TV.

In fact, in other countries, there are promoters who do not even use round girls themselves. In fact, some promoters abroad have done away with round girls, and in the world of F1, grid girls have been eliminated.

TBS, after the topic has spread so widely, cannot just say, “We’ll do the same thing next time…. In fact, the TBS side has been in contact with the organization’s officials and the station’s side.

In fact, the TBS staff and the organization officials exchanged opinions after the match and discussed the round girl’s costume. I think the Ioka match will be the first and last.

This is unfortunate news for the fans, but it is likely to become a mainstream event in the fighting world in the future. However, the broadcast distribution of the event is attracting attention as a new “gold mine.

The historic match between Tenshin Nasukawa and Takeru Takemoto took place on June 19 at the Tokyo Dome. The match was originally scheduled to be broadcast on Fuji Television Network, but it was cancelled shortly before the event, and RIZIN, the organizer of the event, announced that the match would not be aired. RIZIN, the sponsor of the event, switched to a PPV broadcast by ABEMA.

The result was over 500,000 subscriptions. The sales price is 5,500 yen, so the simple calculation is about 2.5 billion yen. If we add to this the admission fee income of the Tokyo Dome, which is approximately 2.7 billion yen, the sales of goods, etc., and sponsorship fees from Yogibo, the title sponsor, etc., we arrive at an estimated 5 billion yen. If we add the admission fee of 2.7 billion yen for the Tokyo Dome, sales of merchandise, and sponsorship fees from Yogibo, the title sponsor of RIZIN, the event is estimated to exceed 5 billion yen.

RIZIN’s Nobuyuki Sakakibara said, “The times have moved on. A new business scheme has been born.

PPV broadcasts are purchased only by those who want to watch them. Since PPV broadcasts are different from terrestrial broadcasts, which are presented equally to everyone, restrictions and regulations are looser.

From now on, there will be people who consider the “beauty” of the round girls as part of the purchase price. It would be interesting to have a tournament focusing on round girls. Either way, it is desirable that the response to the Ioka match has increased the number of options for the future.

The round girls are not selling their extreme skills, but are there to show off their well-honed physical beauty. In preparation for the event, they go through a menu of intense diet, exercise, and mental control, all of which are comparable to those of athletes. It would be good to shine a spotlight on such shadowy aspects of her life.

Former WBA World Middleweight Super Champion Ryota Murata’s fight in April brought tears to the eyes of gravure idol Mana Amano, who has become a big breakthrough. Model Risa Yukihira was also in the limelight when she shed tears at the June 7 fight of Naoya Inoue (Ohashi), the unified world bantamweight champion of three organizations.

More and more women may become stars through martial arts entertainment in the future.

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