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Crystal Noda’s “one-person” personal life

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I have the desire to get married. It’s just that the timing is difficult. I hope to have a lot of moo moo moo with my 0000an and stay with them forever.”

Crystal Noda of Magical Lovely made a guest appearance on the talk variety show “Talkies” (Fuji TV) in April. When asked about his desire to get married to his girlfriend, whom he has been dating for five years and calls “00nyan,” he said, “Yes, I do.

The single female performers, including Rino Sashihara and Asako Ito, were thrilled by Noda’s open and unapologetic statement, saying, “I want you to be happy! I hope you will be happy! I want you to be happy!

Since then, Noda had been considered close to marriage, but on July 4, a weekly magazine reported that it was his partner Murakami who had gotten married.

Speaking of Murakami, he has publicly stated that he has 10 female drinking buddies called “Murakami Girls,” whom he met when he worked part-time as a bartender at a bar in Shimokitazawa 10 years ago, and has shown pictures of himself hanging out with them on several TV programs. He has shown pictures of himself hanging out with them on several TV programs. However, he had never had any physical relations with these women, and Noda had also stated publicly that Murakami had no sexual desire whatsoever, so he was completely unaware of their relationship.

Presumably, Murakami’s relationship was known only to those close to her. In response to the weekly magazine report, Noda asked during the “Magical Lovely’s All Night Nippon 0” (Nippon Broadcasting System) broadcast on August 8, “Who leaked it to you? I’m not sure if your girlfriend leaked it directly to you or not. It’s the scariest story of all,” teased Murakami.

Noda is known for his stoicism, spending all of his time outside of his comedic activities doing muscle training at his own training gym. However, he is extremely secretive about the rest of his personal life, even among his fellow comedians.

After a stage performance, he immediately goes home alone and almost never drinks alcohol with his friends. Only a few comedians know her contact information and home address. Of course, very few comedians have seen her in person,” said a fellow comedian.

It was after 8 p.m. in mid-June when I saw Noda in a JR train. Noda was standing with a large, bulging day bag on her back and holding the train’s strap.

His steps were heavy as if he was dragging himself off the train, as if there was an iron array in the day bag, and his upper body was very much slumped in front of him. With his eyes almost downcast, he walked along a shopping street lined with drinking establishments and entered a yakitori restaurant at one corner.

Noda sits at the counter just inside. Next to him, one seat away, a pair of young women are shouting yellow and having a good time.

Noda, however, does not pay attention to them, but instead alternates between a large mug of beer and yakitori, and stares at his tablet PC. An hour passed in this state, and having almost finished eating and drinking, Noda took out his smartphone and started playing a game. After another 30 minutes in that state, he finally got up and went back the way he came.

In late June, he reported on his Twitter account that his beloved pet hamster “Hamu Hamu” had died at the age of 2. Noda had left work early to come home and nurse “Hamu Hamu.

He will continue to lead a stoic and ultra-secretive life in order to protect his monu-moi days with his girlfriend.

After leaving the yakitori restaurant, Noda walked face down through the bar area. Even on a sparsely populated street, her posture remained the same.
  • Photo by Yuri Adachi

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