No longer a regular event…Reason for “Crowd Nuisance Demonstration” at the Old and New President’s House, South Korea | FRIDAY DIGITAL

No longer a regular event…Reason for “Crowd Nuisance Demonstration” at the Old and New President’s House, South Korea

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Moon Jae-in and his wife, Kim Jong Suk, are being heckled heavily in front of their home by opponents (Image: AFP/Afro)

Get down on your knees and apologize!

Spies of North Korea!”

The peaceful village of Yangsan in southeastern South Korea is filled with shouts of abuse. Every day dozens of people gather in front of the home of former President Moon Jae-in (69, Moon Jae-in) and use loudspeakers to hurl heated words at him day and night. Nearby, a banner with a derogatory message for Moon Jae-in is hung, and countless handcuffs are displayed in the hope of “sending him to jail.

The demonstrations have been going on since May of this year, when Moon stepped down as president. Moon said, ‘I want to live a quiet life of seclusion in my hometown. I want to spend my time growing crops and trekking.’ Right-wing groups opposed to his policies during his presidency are protesting. People on street protest trucks loudly abuse Moon, and a banner waving loudly bears the words “Death Penalty.

Mr. Moon is not the only target of criticism. His wife, Kim Jong Suk, was also subjected to verbal abuse. The main figures in the demonstration are being sued by Mr. and Mrs. Moon for defamation of character, but the demonstrations do not seem to be slowing down. Some of the residents in the area have become physically ill and neurotic due to the continuous abuse day after day, night after night,” said a reporter from a South Korean newspaper.

(A South Korean newspaper reporter) It is not only in front of Moon’s house that annoying demonstrations are taking place. Protests have also been held since June at the home of the new president, Yun Suk-yeol (61; Yoon Sung-yeol).

Yun has effectively left the protests against Moon unchecked on the grounds of ‘freedom of speech. Leftist groups, which are supportive of Mr. Moon, react violently to this. In retaliation, they use loudspeakers to yell and scream in front of Yun’s apartment in an upscale residential area in Seoul every day. They play loud and violent music in front of his apartment in an upscale residential area in Seoul.

Ignoring Residents’ Requests

President Yun and his wife Kim Keon-hee, who assumed the presidency in May of this year.

Residents of the apartment building where Yun lives held up banners that read “Baby is sleeping” and “Be quiet because there are students preparing for exams,” but the crowd that gathered for the demonstration ignored them. Despite repeated requests from the police to refrain, the protests have only intensified. Why do the demonstrations continue? Shinichi Hen, editor-in-chief of Korea Report and an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, explains.

In South Korea, the crackdown on demonstrations and street protests is not strict. There is a regulation that says, ‘It is against the law if you raise the volume three times in an hour,’ but the participating crowds are limited to two times in an hour, exploiting loopholes. The National Assembly seems to be rushing to enact a law to crack down on demonstrations.

Behind the situation, there are also unique circumstances in South Korea. Mr. Byeon continues.

In Japan, there is a tendency not to blame deceased or retired VIPs. In Korea, on the other hand, even if a person resigns, they are not free from criticism. Unless he is convicted of a clear crime, such as going to jail, the opposition will not forgive him. The crowd in front of Moon’s home is denouncing his misadministration during his five years in office.

The demonstration in front of Yun’s home is retaliation for the protests against Moon. The revelation that the wife of the person at the center of the protests against Moon is a staff member of the presidential office has added fuel to the fire. Unless one of them stops, the annoying demonstrations will continue.”

The protests in front of the old and new presidential residences have been repeated day after day. It seems unlikely that the negative cycle will be broken.

Mrs. Kim Keon-hee is very popular as a talented and colorful first lady.
Kim posted this image on her Instagram. The white sandals she is wearing (approx. 3,500 yen) were quickly sold out on the Internet.
  • Photo by AFP/Afro

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