Mr. Azumaya’s “next move” in “gaasyy-ch” finally “banned”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mr. Azumaya’s “next move” in “gaasyy-ch” finally “banned”.

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Yoshikazu Azumaya of “gaasyy-ch,” whose YouTube account was suspended following his Twitter account (from his YouTube channel).

This account has been suspended due to violations of YouTube’s terms of service.

Both the YouTube channels of the exposé-style YouTube star Yoshikazu Higashitani, “Higashitani Yoshikazu’s Gaasyy-ch [Behind the Entertainment World]” and “Gaasyy’s Subchannel” were banned on July 13, 2012.

Speaking of Mr. Higashitani, he had just won the NHK party’s proportional representation in the Upper House election held on July 10, and had just become a Diet member. Recently, however, he has been under scrutiny by YouTube, as his videos have been made private and not monetized.

(Sports newspaper reporter) In response, Mr. Azumaya made most of his videos private, leaving only a video in collaboration with “Machiroku ch” in which he recounts his life and how he voted in the Upper House election, which was not revealing at all. The last video is just a shot of him getting his hair cut by a hairdresser.

However, when he tried to do a live distribution after winning the contest, he received a warning message that he could not distribute for a week, and he had no choice but to upload the video on a subchannel.

In the last video he released on his subchannel, he expressed his gratitude to viewers after his election and declared that he would continue to expose himself even after becoming a congressman. He also told us that he was not afraid of a YouTube van.

That day, he also exposed several yucky female relationships of the CEOs of famous companies. He also mentioned names of people in the entertainment industry and said he was going to “get them all. Soon after that, both accounts were suspended.

Higashitani also complained that something was wrong in the last broadcast of the sub-channel, where viewership plummeted by 10,000 and comments did not display properly, and he seemed to sense that “something was wrong. It seems that he had sensed that “something was wrong. He also revealed that he had not received the gold plaque that he receives when he reaches one million subscribers.

He also stated that he would open a salon on FC2, a video distribution site with which he has a close relationship, as well as his own server, to thoroughly expose the site even if YouTube were to be shut down. He has recently been speaking in a much more restrained manner, as it seems that even raising one’s voice on YouTube is not monetizable. Above all, I am sure that he will have no trouble with money at all, since he will receive his annual salary and old correspondence fees as a member of the Diet,” said a wide range of people involved in the show.

These days, he targets everyone from celebrities to corporate executives and others, perhaps too big a target to pick a fight with. But now Mr. Azumaya must be getting as much information as a weekly magazine.

Mr. Katsuhito Matsuura of Avex was drinking the other day when he received an e-mail from Mr. Higashitani.

He was surprised when Mr. Higashitani guessed the restaurant and said, “You are drinking at 00, aren’t you?

He was surprised when Mr. Higashitani guessed the restaurant. The women would “leak” to Mr. Azumaya whenever they had something to say.

With his last 110 yen in his pocket, Mr. Azumaya drifted to Dubai and quickly became a member of the Diet. He has lost his Twitter feed and his YouTube channel, which had been his main source of income, but will he be able to counterattack in the form of exposure?

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