Behind Shohei Ohtani’s success…Angels’ “serious bench backstage” infighting with cursing and yelling | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind Shohei Ohtani’s success…Angels’ “serious bench backstage” infighting with cursing and yelling

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A big brawl at a Marines game on June 27. Otani’s face can be seen in the back (Image: Jiji Press)


After the game against the Astros on July 2 (Japan time), which was an upset loss, an angry voice with a banned broadcast term was heard from the shower room in the Angels’ clubhouse. Shohei Ohtani (28) also told the press, “I was so surprised that I stopped. It seems that the Angels are experiencing a strong sense of frustration.

On July 11, the Angels lost their fourth straight game to the Orioles in the A League East Division, and their debt has ballooned to 11 games. They are in fourth place in the West Division, and their chances of making it to the World Series are almost hopeless. The team’s mood is terrible (as of July 12), although Otani, who will be playing in the World Series, has been a prominent figure in the team’s success.

On June 8, the team suffered its 12th consecutive loss, and manager Maddon was dismissed. Acting manager Nevin, who succeeded him, was also suspended for 10 games after a huge brawl against the Mariners on June 27. The Angels have been in trouble this season,” said a reporter for a sports newspaper.

Mistakes and bench violence

The Angels have been experiencing a series of infighting that is symbolic of the team’s sluggish condition. Sports journalist Nachi Tomonari, who is well versed in the Major League Baseball, introduced the aforementioned altercation that took place on July 2 against the Astros.

The Angels’ starter was the right-handed pitcher Lorenzen. The Astros’ starter was a good pitcher, Javier Habibea, so he seemed to be in high spirits. However, in the 3rd inning, Wade made an error on a harmless ground ball. Wade is a utility player unfamiliar with third base, but the blunder broke Lorenzen’s concentration. He then hit back-to-back singles, resulting in a six-run KO.

As he pulled up to the bench, Wade lightly patted Lorenzen on the hip, perhaps as an apology. This action caused Lorenzen’s frustration to explode. He went on a rampage on the bench, throwing things at will. The team took the situation very seriously and fired Wade and placed Lorenzen on the disabled list.

This was not the only altercation between players. Tomonari continues.

In the eighth inning against the Marlins, Trout, a center fielder, and Ward, a right fielder, stepped aside to avoid a collision when the other batter hit a fly ball to right field. Neither of them could make up the ball, and a mediocre outfield fly ball ended up at second base.”

Immediately afterward, the two men got into a heated argument.

The fly to right-center field has to go to the middle of the order!

The ball would have been closer to right field!”

Tomonari said the altercation would not have happened if the team had been in better shape.

Trout is not the kind of player who taunts people. If he was in good form, he would have returned to the bench and warned Ward in a gentlemanly manner in a secluded place. The team must have been under a lot of stress because of his poor performance, and his emotions were getting out of control.”

Ohtani’s longing for “a tingly September (with a World Series berth on the line)” is only getting further and further away. The Angels’ future looks bleak, as their losing streak continues to cause infighting.

  • Photo: Jiji Press Jiji Press

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