Yuko, wife of new PM Kishida, reveals what it’s like to be a first lady | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuko, wife of new PM Kishida, reveals what it’s like to be a first lady

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Ms. Hiroko watched the presidential election with bated breath.

“I admire her because she is beautiful and elegant, her behavior and speech are wonderful, and she has a strong core.

I admire her.” Eriko Imai, former member of the House of Councillors and former member of SPEED, praised Yuko Kishida, 57, who will be the “next first lady.

In the LDP presidential election held on September 29, only Diet members and major media were allowed to enter the voting booths at hotels in Tokyo due to the Corona disaster. Surprisingly, secretaries and relatives were not allowed to enter either, so Fumio Kishida’s wife, Yuko, was watching the vote counting in a room where Kishida’s campaign team was stationed.

Next to her was Yoshimasa Hayashi.

When NHK reported that Kishida was ahead, she nodded to Yoshimasa Hayashi, former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and a leading figure in the Kishida faction, who was sitting next to her. When Hayashi congratulated him on the birth of the new president, he bowed deeply and bowed to the staff around him. Her phone in her Prada handbag kept ringing off the hook. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, Mrs. Hiroko agreed to a short interview.

— “My phone won’t stop ringing.
She said, “I think it’s from the people in Hiroshima who supported me, and they’re calling me right away. I’m very grateful.

What are your honest feelings about the upcoming first lady?
“I think I have to be even more determined from now on. My husband will be taking on a heavier responsibility than ever before, and I want to support him well.

-What would you like to say to Mr. Kishida now?
“First of all, I would like to say thank you for your hard work. I want to tell him thank you for your hard work. Since he will be taking on a heavy responsibility, I want to make sure he has time to relax when he comes home.

–What are you having for dinner tonight to celebrate?
“The other day, my husband mentioned on Instagram that he wanted to eat okonomiyaki, so I’m going to make okonomiyaki today. The Hiroshima okonomiyaki requires a lot of skill to cook well, such as cooking the ingredients separately and turning them over. Professionals make it brilliantly, but we make it in our own way, yes.

Yuko’s family was once a prominent sake brewer and banker in Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. She is a graduate of Tokyo Women’s University and is said to be fluent in English.

“After graduating from university, she joined Mazda in 1986. After graduating from university, she joined Mazda in 1986 and became a secretary to the company’s executive officers. In 1988, at the age of 24, she entered into an arranged marriage with Mr. Kishida and raised three boys while filling in for Mr. Kishida at the microphone and handing out policy leaflets in his absence. It is said that Mr. Kishida thinks in his heart, ‘I can’t thank my wife enough,’ and when he drinks, he can express his gratitude to her.

When former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks of Mr. Kishida at political fund-raising parties, he says, “Mr. Kishida and I are very close.

Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe praised Mr. Kishida at a Koike Kai political fundraiser, saying, “Mr. Kishida and I were elected at the same time, and he was very popular when he was young. When he came to the party headquarters, the women at the reception desk would lean over and wait for him.

Mr. Kishida is known for his mild-mannered personality. Although he does not make a show of it, he can speak English at the level of daily conversation. Immediately after assuming the office of the new president, Mr. Kishida repeated the phrase “listening to the voices of others” and reiterated his desire to return to an open, nationalist party.

On March 29, after a press conference and meeting at the party headquarters, Mr. Kishida held a meeting with members of his own faction at a hotel in Tokyo. Afterwards, he was interviewed by various media and returned to his lodgings at 10:22 p.m.

Mr. Kishida seemed to have had a moment of “relief. On the evening of September 29, he posted a picture of okonomiyaki on Twitter and tweeted, “It’s always great, but today it’s not.

He tweeted, “It’s always the best, but today was a taste I’ll never forget. Thank you.”

He is expected to be nominated as the 100th prime minister at the beginning of the extraordinary Diet session to be convened on October 4. He is expected to be named the 100th prime minister at the beginning of the extraordinary Diet session that convenes on October 4. “I hope that he will not tackle these issues half-heartedly, but will instead “cook them well and serve them well.

Eriko Imai, a member of the Diet, celebrates the birth of President Kishida.
Corona disaster’s gut touch
  • Interview and text by Daisuke Iwasaki

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