Former College Professor Drugged a Female College Student to Sexually Abuse Her! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former College Professor Drugged a Female College Student to Sexually Abuse Her!

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Okeda Suspect Fired from Otsuma Women’s University for Indecent Conduct

Professor Okeda has been dismissed from his position at Otsuma Women’s University. The University takes this matter very seriously and has taken strict measures against the professor.

Otsuma Women’s University (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announced the disciplinary dismissal of a faculty member as of July 1. The suspect, Atsushi Okeda, 64, a former professor in the Department of Communication and Culture in the Faculty of Letters, was disciplined. Oketa was arrested on July 7 by the Kojimachi Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of quasi-forcible indecency. This former professor just wasted his impressive background!

After graduating from the Faculty of Science at Shinshu University, he studied political science at the graduate school of Waseda University. He has served as a lecturer at Sophia University, Nagoya University, and Keio University. He then became a professor at Otsuma Women’s University in April 2019.

“He has also been a member of public organizations such as the ‘Public Information Commons Study Group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ and the ‘Information Disclosure Committee’ of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, and has served as a commentator for a TBS news program. He is a well-known figure in academics and media,” said a writer familiar with university affairs.

The invitation to his apartment…

Okeda, who also appeared on TV as a commentator for news programs (some images have been edited)

Okeda taught at many universities and was a well-known commentator. What kind of “sexual harassment” was he guilty of that led to his dismissal from his employer?

On the evening of June 26, Okeda invited Ms. A, a student in her 20s at Otsuma Women’s University, to his apartment in Chiyoda Ward for dinner. Although Ms. A was not keen on the idea, she could not refuse the famous professor’s invitation.

Okeda put a sleep inducing drug in the alcoholic beverage that Ms. A was drinking. He then made Ms. A, who was dazed and unable to resist, lie on the bed and sexually abused her. When Ms. A regained consciousness, she realized that she had been a victim based on her clothes and her dim memories, and on June 29, she filed a report with the Kojimachi Police Department.

“The arrested Okeda admitted to the police that he gave her a drink containing a sleep inducing drug and touched her while she was asleep.” Former Kanagawa Prefectural Police detective and crime journalist Taihei Ogawa explains.

This case is despicable in two ways: First, he used drugs for indecent purposes. Normally, women in their twenties would not consider a man in his sixties as an object of romantic interest. The suspect disregarded the feelings of the female student and used drugs to satisfy his own desires, forcing her to engage in sexual acts.

The other is the abuse of his social status as a university professor and a celebrity appearing on TV. It is difficult for a female student to refuse a dinner invitation from a celebrity. The relationship between the teacher and her student was also used to commit the crime. This is extremely malicious. It is hard to believe that this is the only time he committed this crime. He probably did this before too.

Okeda has lost both his wonderful career and the trust of society because of his despicable act.

Okeda, who also appeared on TV as a commentator for news programs (some images have been edited)
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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