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24 Items as Recommended by Experts to Prepare for Upcoming Heat Wave

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Keina Rosario was born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1999. She was selected as the runner-up in Japan’s largest gravure idol audition, “Gravure Next 2020”.

“The sofa cover and the whale cushion feel cool and comfortable! They will keep me comfortable during the hot summer.”

Keina Rosario, 22, a popular gravure idol, says with a smile.


She is holding a “chilly cushion whale,” which feels cool when it fits her body. Around her neck is the “iFan Collar Plus II,” a neck fan that blows air from three locations. Underneath is the “Washable Super Cool Series Quilted Sofa Cover”, which can be hung over a sofa for a comfortable stay. All of these are the latest cool items to help you get through the extreme heat.

(1) Chilly cushion: Whale

(Cain’s) 980 yen

Recommended for those who worry about their electricity bill if they run their air conditioner too hard. This is an excellent product that allows you to cool down and forget about the heat just by hugging it. Although small in size, it is packed with cooling material, so you will feel the coolness of the air.

(2) Neck Fan iFan Collar Plus II

(E-less) 4,048 yen

Air is blown from three different places, so you can cool off efficiently. The back of the neck, where heat tends to accumulate, is also covered. There are 3 modes of air volume, and they are easy to operate with the same switch. It is cool enough even at the lowest air volume. It is lightweight and the curve is easy to fit around the neck.

(3) Hands-free Tempo Loop

(Doshisha) 8,778 yen

A new type of neck-mounted device that uses a Peltier element with a heat transfer function. The part that touches the back of the neck also becomes cool. The device is charged from a mobile battery and automatically stops after about 60 minutes of operation. A warm mode is also available for winter use.

(4) Washable super-cool series quilted sofa cover

(Nissen) 2,795 yen

Just hang it over the sofa for a cool and comfortable feeling! Most cold sofa covers are usually secured with elastic, but this item has a non-slip backing, making it easy to hang it up. The smooth texture also enhances comfort.

(5) Cool-sensing slippers

(Cain’s) 598 yen

These slippers cool your feet. They are lightweight and easy to put on and take off. The cushioned, soft material makes them comfortable to wear. Cold slippers are a recent trend, but this item is our expert’s top recommendation!

(6) Ice cold pad, easy to place, single

(Topvalu Home Cody) 4,378 yen

This cool mattress pad is perfect for tropical nights. Like the sofa cover, it is hard to slip off just by placing it on the floor, so you don’t have to worry about tossing and turning. The non-sticky material makes it comfortable even if you perspire. The surface is soft and uneven, making it comfortable to the touch.

(7) Circulator Eye 20-mat DCsilent KCF-SDS151T-W

(Iris Oyama) 15,760 yen

The airflow is tilted 120 degrees to the left and right and 60 degrees to the top and bottom to send quality air with little irregularity. It is also ideal for drying clothes indoors, with a drying rate of approximately 45% after 30 minutes of air blowing. 2, 4, and 8-hour off-timer functions are available. Weighing only 1.3 kg, it is easy to carry.

(8) Solar Power Fan APF-560

(APICS International) 11,800 yen

A battery-powered folding fan equipped with a solar panel. When opened in an inverted V-shape, the fan can be seen in the front and the solar panel in the back. It has a built-in battery that can be charged from a USB port. It can also charge a smartphone as a mobile battery.



Unprecedented heat wave is coming

Tokyo recorded the hottest nine consecutive hot days since the end of June. 151 people were transported to the hospital for suspected heat stroke in Tokyo during June, the highest number in a decade. In the local area, temperatures exceeded 40°C in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture; Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture; Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture; and many other places. On the other hand, considering the cost of electricity, it is not advisable to use the air conditioner too much. What is useful in such a summer is a comfortable cool item. We would like to introduce 24 items carefully selected by experts.


Mr. Daiki Tsuji of the editorial department of MONOQLO, a magazine that reviews products, tells us, 

“Last 2020, the spread of the new coronavirus had just begun, and manufacturers were focusing on developing products to suit new lifestyles such as teleworking, and the lineup was a matter of trial and error. The bright line between products that sold well and those that did not was clear. This summer, we are seeing more sophisticated, evolutionary goods that are more refined versions of last year’s hits.”

Tsuji’s top recommendation is the GH-BEERS stand beer server. Even beginners can reproduce the fine foam and taste of beer at home, just as if it were poured at a restaurant. Rosario also experienced it and took a sip. Her impression was, 

“The bubbles are fine and very tasty! I often go to the U.S., and there is a high-class bar in Los Angeles that serves sake and other beverages. It reminded me of the high quality beer they serve there.”

Creamier bubbles!

“This item will come in handy when you come home sweating.” Mr. Tsuji explains.

“By generating fine foam, you can enjoy the rich aroma of beer in abundance. This beer server is a new model of “GH-BEERS-O,” which was a hit last year. This year’s “GH-BEERS-S” has a new hose type and angle, making the foam creamier. The old model was powered by batteries, but the new model is rechargeable via USB connection, which also reduces running costs.”

Haru Kuramoto, a consumer electronics writer, recommends the Series 6000 Breeze Mask ACM066/03, a comfortable mask. Rosario, who tried it on, says,

“The adjustable string length is very convenient. The double-layered construction keeps makeup from sticking directly to the mask cover, which is great for women.”

Kuramoto continues.

“It is a motorized mask with a high-performance filter. It has a built-in fan that sends cool air into the mask, so you don’t feel suffocated or stuffy. The strength of the airflow can be selected from three levels.”

Hiroki Takita, public relations manager of the lifestyle goods specialty store “Loft,” recommends the SUO 28°ICE Cool Backpack, which is worn between the backpack and the back. Rosario comments,

“It cools my back and doesn’t make it stuffy. I appreciate that it doesn’t leave sweat stains!”

Takita explains.

“The special material inside hardens and melts depending on the temperature, absorbing and dissipating heat. It is easy for heat to accumulate on the back of a backpack, but this product cools it down effortlessly. Simply by placing it in cold water, you can cool it down in a short time.”

These carefully selected cool items not only repel the heat, but also allow you to enjoy the same level of beer and other beverages at home as you would at a restaurant. If you use them for different purposes, you won’t be afraid of the heat wave!

(9) Stand beer server GH-BEERS

(Green House) 19,980 yen

The fine bubbles remain for a long time, allowing you to enjoy a smooth slurping experience. This item has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.

(10) Series 6000 Breeze Mask AGM066/03

(Philips) 5,980 yen

An electric mask equipped with a high-performance filter. A fan is built into the mask to send air into the mask.

(11) Electric Snow Shovel DSHH-20

(Doushisha) 17,980 yen

This electric machine allows you to enjoy fluffy shaved ice. The built-in blade shaves the ice while warming it with a heater, so the ice does not become too hard but crispy.

(12) SUO 28°ICE Cool Backpack

(WIZ) 6,050 yen

Used by attaching it between the backpack and the back, where heat can easily build up. The material inside hardens or melts depending on the temperature environment, absorbing or dissipating heat.

Carefully selected by experts! “Cooling Goods” to Spend a Hot Summer in Comfort

Haru Kuramoto (consumer electronics writer)

Daiki Tsuji (Editorial Department of “MONOQLO”)

Yuki Takita (PR Office of “Loft”)

From top to bottom: product name, manufacturer, price including tax (varies by retailer and online store), and product description.

Images are taken from official websites and other sources. Some items may be out of stock or unavailable.

From the July 22, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photographed by Takero Yui

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