Super, super busy! Kirin Kawashima Heals at Luxury Spa and Spends Time with Family | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Super, super busy! Kirin Kawashima Heals at Luxury Spa and Spends Time with Family

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Kawashima comes out of the high-end spa. Perhaps he was exhausted, he greeted the wait staff smilingly and his steps were light.

Akira Kawashima of Kirin was ranked No. 1 for the first time in the “Ranking of TV Program Appearances in the First Half of 2022” released by Japan Monitor, which conducts surveys and measurements of TV broadcasting.

Kawashima’s breakthrough was supported by the TBS morning information program “Lavit! which began airing in March of last year and in which Kawashima serves as the MC.

It started as an information program with the concept of “the brightest morning show in Japan” that did not cover any news, but only daily life information such as gourmet food, fashion, and daily necessities, delivered by comedians, but the overly innovative style left viewers baffled. Viewer ratings remained low, and it was said that the program might be terminated after only six months.

In order to break through the slump in viewer ratings, the staff suggested that the program should be more news oriented, and that it would be better to have an exchange of news with the news floor. Although he was the MC, Kawashima was also a comedian, and he was convinced that he could make the program more interesting by interacting with the performers. (TBS variety show staff member).

His aim was spot on. Although the current ratings are not high, the show is steadily gaining viewers, as evidenced by the frequent trending of related words on Twitter. Those involved in the program agree that Kawashima would not have been able to achieve such success without it.

The comedians who appear on the show are quick to throw out quips that are like a big joke. The studio often becomes a frenzy of overlapping words, creating an atmosphere that is just too noisy for the viewers. Mr. Kawashima skillfully handles these situations, gently interjecting and following up, and in the end, he always changes the atmosphere to one where the studio is enveloped in a soft atmosphere. I think this is a big reason why viewers have come to enjoy the show so much.

Kawashima’s outstanding “leadership skills” have earned him a reputation alongside Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto and Koji Imada, and he is currently a regular MC on as many as four TV shows.

It was late afternoon in late May when this magazine saw Kawashima, who is extremely busy, in an upscale residential area in the heart of Tokyo.

On the first floor of the building is a high-class spa that is well-known as a favorite of celebrities.

Speaking of Kawashima, when he was chosen to be the MC of “Lovin’ it! she decided to remove her hair all over her body. He also uses a facial massager in his daily life and is known to take extra care of his body.

She must have enjoyed the two-hour course. It was two and a half hours after entering the store when she was escorted out by the staff. With a refreshed look on his face, Kawashima next headed for a small confectionery store where he bought a shortcake. He bought a shortcake there and headed back toward his home where his family was waiting.

It is this moment of relaxation that allows her to carry on with her daily hard work.

After leaving the spa, she headed for a confectionery store. She returned home with a paper bag containing a cake.
  • Photo by Ippei Hara

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