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The “three great tenors” Domingo visits Japan!

It has been 65 years since his debut. One of the three great tenors who continue to fascinate the world.

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Her beautiful voice, which captivated the world at the 1990 World Cup soccer tournament, is still intact. She gave an overwhelming stage performance with her lustrous acting and presence, and hopes to come to Japan in 2023 for an opera performance. Photo by Fukuoka Kozo.

Corona and war. Now is the time for music.”

Placido Domingo, 81, one of the world’s three great tenors, is a star singer.

I am very, very happy to be here in Japan.”

Domingo, who arrived at Haneda Airport on June 12, expressed his “love for Japan” and his supremely beautiful voice, which never diminished, throughout his stay.

At the concert at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan on June 16, he performed seven masterpieces from the opera and answered encores. After the performance, when she learned that there were fans “waiting for me to come out” in front of the venue, she requested to go through where the fans were. He went out of his way to turn the car around, rolled down the window, and waved to them, saying, “I have to say hello to those who are waiting for me.”

When leaving the hotel where he was staying in Tokyo, he asked if he could take home a stuffed bear that was in his suite. Domingo was so pleased with the stuffed bear in his suite that he asked if he could take it home and put it in his suitcase with great care. He was a big star, but he also had a cute expression on his face.

At the next show in Kansai, after rehearsal, Domingo asked for tempura.

He started his meal with, “Sake is good, but can I order some …… champagne?” and started the meal. He finished the course and even ate a bowl of kakiage-don, saying, “This is delicious as a topping. He surprised everyone with his age-defying daring.

I love Japanese culture. I love Japanese culture, the sophisticated city, and the warmth of the fans. I’ll definitely come back again.” On the 25th, he was supposed to fly from Kansai Airport to Pusan, Korea, where he was to perform next, by private jet (……), but an accident happened. Due to a visa problem, he was unable to depart and had to wait at the airport for about four hours. During the wait, we had coffee and sandwiches at a cafe in the airport. “I ate one of the two slices and when there was one leftover, Domingo wrapped it in a paper napkin and put it in his bag,” said a staff member.

Domingo showed great care for his fans and staff during his stay. During the 13 days of his stay, we were fascinated by his dignified appearance on stage as well as his big personality.

Domingo, grande!

This time, he was accompanied by his wife, Marta, 86, who is also a stage director. Domingo is a very loving wife and always escorts his wife. I was impressed to see him fixing her hair before getting out of the car.

From the July 15, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Fukuoka Kozo

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