Scoop! This year’s “24-Hour TV” drama is “Ninomiya & Gekidan Hitori | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Scoop! This year’s “24-Hour TV” drama is “Ninomiya & Gekidan Hitori

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Ninomiya is the main personality of this year’s 24-hour TV program. He has been on a roll, starring in the TBS drama “My Family” in the April broadcast season.

The season of “24-Hour TV” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) has come again this year. This year, the program will be broadcast from August 27 to 28. This year, the YouTube unit “Janino-channel” led by Kazuya Ninomiya (39) of “Arashi” will be the main personality, which has already become a hot topic. Speaking of “Janino-channel,” Yuichi Nakamaru (38) of “KAT-TUN,” Ryosuke Yamada (29) of “Hey! Say! JUMP,” Fuma Kikuchi (27) of “Sexy Zone,” and others whom he nominated along with Ninomiya began broadcasting last April, and already has over 3.3 million registered users.

The 24-hour TV program will feature a variety of programs, but one of the main attractions is a “special drama.

The special drama is one of the mainstays of 24-Hour TV, along with the charity marathon. In the past, “Little Driver: The Last Dream” in 2005, in which Yusho Nakajima, who was still a junior at the time, appeared, and “The Man Who Made the Times: The Story of Aku Yu,” starring Kazuya Kamenashi, in 2005, were broadcast and became popular. The lead role is often played by one of the main personalities. Since the performance of a drama affects the overall ratings of the program, it is very important who plays the lead role. Viewers are talking about such questions as, “Isn’t it Yamada Ryosuke, who has experience appearing in a 24-hour TV drama?” and “Is it Nakamaru Yuichi, who has no theatrical image, for the sake of surprise?

(Sports newspaper reporter). This year’s 24-Hour TV drama will star Ninomiya, the magazine has learned in an interview. A source in the entertainment industry said, “Ninomiya will play the lead role in this year’s 24-hour TV drama.

A source in the entertainment industry told us, ” Mr. Ninomiya is the only member of ‘Arashi ‘ who has starred in a drama series since he was a member of Johnny’s Jr. He has also won the Best Actor Award at the Japan Academy Prize. He may not be a surprise, but his casting is a “steel plate” casting.

In 2012, he starred in a special drama for “24 Hour TV” titled “Wheelchair in the Sky,” which recorded a 23.8% viewer rating.

In addition, there is another surprising twist in this original drama. It is directed by comedian Gekidan Hitori (45). Gekidan Hitori is not only a comedian, but also a film director, writer, and actor.

Gekidan Hitori is a top-class director when it comes to nostalgic humanistic dramas. His “Asakusa Kid” (Netflix) and his first film “Bolt from the Sky,” both of which were released this year, were successful at the box office in the genre in which he excels. The drama for this year’s 24-hour TV program will also be a humanistic drama, which is Gekidan Hitori’s forte. He and Ninomiya have been seen together in variety shows such as “Nino-san” (NTV), but this is his first time as an actor. The original drama was originally a popular annual segment, but we brought these two actors as the lead actor and director. Unfortunately, “24 Hour TV” was called a “dud” last year, but this year, Nippon TV is seriously trying to revive it.

We asked NTV about starring in and directing this original drama, but did not receive a response by the deadline.

Ninomiya, who released a cover album as a solo artist in June, and Gekidan Hitoshi, who will release his first full-length novel in 12 years in late August, are both in great form. The chemistry created by Johnny’s’s best acting idol and one of the most talented comedians in the world may save the earth.

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